B1 Card, the smart business card signed by Pininfarina

In the age of digital communication business cards seemed to resist, at least until a few years ago. Recently, however, the services that offer digital and smart business cards are multiplying. An interesting project is that of Pininfarina Segno, a design atelier dedicated to the world of writing instruments and accessories, which has reinvented the business card through the B1 card project, bringing it up to date.

What it is and how it works

B1 card is a physical card that carries numerous functions: it is a digital business card with a QR Code and NFC technology. This means that by bringing the card close to any smartphone (or photographing the QR Code) it is possible and immediately save our card on the phone of our interlocutor. Through the B1card app you can set up telephone numbers, addresses, websites, e-mails and so on, which can easily be changed if, for example, we change number or company. Not only that: B1 card allows you to register multiple company positions, insert links to insights, presentations, social channels. Even through the app you can monitor the shares. Each card purchased will help grow the Pininfarina Segno Forest created in collaboration with Treedom.

A beautiful card to look at and also safe

The app is also safe because thanks to the ID LEVEL function you can decide which and how much data to share with each individual interlocutor, and in case of loss, by clicking on the app, the card can be disabled in an instant. Pininfarina’s contribution is obviously in the aesthetics of the cards, which can be customized through a made-to-measure service which, they explain, leaves us with complete freedom in the choice of layout, materials, colors and finishes. Three types to choose from: Basic, Pro and One Edition (limited edition with 500 numbered pieces). The B1 Cards can all be configured online, are dedicated to both individual professionals and companies, are available in PVC or METAL, and have a price starting from 39 euros. In our test we configured the card in a few moments and, after several tests with numerous smartphones, we can confirm that it behaves very well by quickly transferring contacts.