Back on TV after 20 years, audience in shock: she hasn’t aged a day!

The well-known showgirl has made her return to the Italian small screen after 20 years and does not seem to have aged a single day: incredible!

There note showgirl she was one of the most loved faces by the Italian small screen audience, who was immediately impressed by her beauty and her ways of doing. During her run in show business she seemed to be one of them promoted young people of the tvbut unfortunately as time went by he chose to devote himself to other activities and to let his career in this area become a sweet memory and nothing more.

Wendy Windham (Source: Instagram)

However, viewers have always remained in love with her and not just Mara Venier brought it back on TV after 20 years they were left speechless as not a single day seems to have passed since he decided to make his last appearance on our small screen.

The well-known showgirl is back on TV after 20 years with an unpublished video that warmed the hearts of the Italian small screen audience who had long dreamed of being able to see her again.

Mara Venier brings her back on TV after 20 years: audience speechless

Mara Venier has succeeded in the incredible goal of bringing it back on the air after over 20 years with an unpublished video message addressed to Paul Bonolis with whom he collaborated for some time. So much so that his last appearance was in one of his well-known programs: Ciao Darwin.

“There is a friend who remained in the heart of the Italian public even if we haven’t seen her for years” began the most beloved aunt in Italy. “Now she’s got it! I have a video for you! To her now I don’t care about this job anymore he then continued. “He married a very rich American and lives in Miami in a crazy villa, she has always remained affectionate” he then concluded by airing the return of Wendy Windham tv after 20 years.

The former showgirl appears more beautiful than ever and it would seem that not a single day has passed since her farewell to the Italian small screen audience who have never forgotten her over the years.

Everyone remembers her in programs such as Sabato al circus, The game of couples, Miss Italy in the world, Your facts – Piazza Italia in the evening, Telethon, The cat and the fox.

Today however, as she herself explained some time ago, her life has changed:

“I lead a comfortable life, it’s true, but don’t think that I am now a rich lady who spends her days having tea with friends or giving massages, I no longer work in the entertainment world but I do a lot in the sector of volunteering”

So here’s the new one Wendy Windhamdifferent but always delicious life.

Wendy Windham
Wendy Windham at birthday (Credit Instagram)