Back to the 90’s, the quiz on the 90s with the young actors of One Summer Ago

How is Gen Z coping with the ’90s? Luca Maria Vannuccini, Sofia Iacuitto, Filippo Scotti, Martina Gatti, Tobia De Angelis and Antonia Fotaras are six exponents of this generation, three of them were born from 2000 onwards, the other three after 1995. But entering the cast of A summer ago (THE SPECIAL) had to deal with 1990 and an era that came to them only through stories and a bit of vintage nostalgia. To test their knowledge of those years, Federico Chiarini subjected them to a series of quizzes on music, television and objects in use at the time. How did they go? You can find out by watching the video at the top of this article.

The Back to the 90s quiz

In a nice and fun game, the actors of the Sky Original TV series arriving exclusively on Sky and streaming only on Now from 6 October, have shown that they are quite knowledgeable about the music of the 90s, and that they also know the programs quite well television of those times and perhaps they had some more difficulty in recognizing and using some objects. What emerges strongly from the video (and from the series), however, is above all the climate of confidence that has developed between them, a group of friends that is not so distant from those who filled the arcades in the nineties.


A summer ago tells the story of Elio (Lino Guanciale), a fifty-year-old whose life seems perfect, with a beautiful family and a job as a lawyer. When the body of the girl he was in love with as a teenager, Arianna (Antonia Fotaras), is found, he will go back to that summer of 1990, when she mysteriously disappeared during a camping holiday they were taking with their friends and him (in this timeline played by Filippo Scotti – It was the hand of God) was found in a confused state, with no memory of what had happened. More than 30 years later, the police find Arianna’s body and forensic scientists have no doubts: the girl did not die accidentally, she was killed, and Elio is at the top of the list of suspects. Shocked by the discovery, Elio has a car accident, loses consciousness and when he wakes up he finds himself in 1990, in the campsite infirmary. He is 18 again but the consciousness of an adult… is it a dream? Is he finally getting his memory back or is he going crazy? He only knows that, very soon, someone on that campsite will kill Arianna. He feels the urgency to do something, but his mind continues to move in time, between today and 1990. Trying to find out what really happened to Arianna and to exonerate himself from the accusation of being the one who killed her, Elio will have to carry out an investigation between past and present which for him perhaps also hides the hope of being able to change things and save her…