Bad blow for Antonino Spinalbese: he didn’t expect anything like this

Bad blow for Antonino Spinalbese: he didn’t expect anything like this; what happened to the competitor of the GF Vip.

A fiery episode, that of GF Vip which aired yesterday, Monday 28 November 2022. An episode in which Alfonso Signorini dealt with amusing topics, recounting everything that happened during the week. And among the protagonists of the episode, once again, too Antonino Spinalbese.

Antonino Spinalbese (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

After the special friendship with Ginevra Lamborghini and the flirtation with Giaele De Donà, the ex-partner of Belen Rodriguez he approached Oriana Spinalbese, the influencer who entered the house just a few weeks ago. Between them, however, it seems to be all over already, precisely at the behest of the hairstylist, who considers the Venezuelan too superficial to be with him. Someone agrees, but many, on social media, have instead thrown themselves against him, attacking him in a decidedly eloquent way. Among them she too…

GF Vip, bad blow for Antonino Spinalbese: the hard attack

He didn’t hold back the tears, Oriana Marzoli, during yesterday’s episode of GF Vip. The contestant does not hide that she has a crush on Antonino and she suffers from the fact that for her roommate their story seems to have never existed. In a few days, the hairstylist seems to have completely reset the days and the complicity she experienced with the new entry, with whom she has an increasingly cold relationship. Especially during the confrontation with Geneva, Oriana collapsed, feeling completely ‘forgotten’ by Antonino. Definitive breakup or will there be a rapprochement in the next few days? Waiting to find out, on social networks there are those who have taken the defense of one or the other competitor, commenting as always on the episode through the official hashtag. Among the comments from viewers, one popped up that could not go unnoticed.

A special viewer let herself go to a decidedly pungent comment addressed precisely to Spinalbese, which, it seems clear, did not appreciate the behavior of a house. Who are we talking about?

Of Anna Pettinelli, who outspokenly defined Belen’s ex-boyfriend as a “pathological narcissist”. The radio presenter underlines how women are unable to recognize such a man and end up being attracted to him and contending for him. Here are her words, entrusted to a tweet published during yesterday’s live broadcast:

nasty blow Antonino Spinalbese
Anna Pettinelli’s tweet (Credits Twitter)

A clear thought, that of the former Amici professor, who on more than one occasion has expressed his opinions on the Canale 5 reality show. A tweet that has not gone unnoticed and which has created several back and forth between the fan. Many supported Anna’s idea, criticizing Antonino’s journey in the house of the GF Vip. Did you follow yesterday’s episode? Which side are you on?