Bad blow for Maria De Filippi: a very specific accusation arrives

After the ‘New Year’s gate’, Amici di Maria De Filippi receives a very specific accusation from a former face of the talent show: here’s what happened.

A real storm, the one that hit Friends after New Year’s Eve. During the celebrations, in the house, the boys became protagonists of very serious behaviors, for which they received various punishments. Tommy Dali, for example, suffered a direct elimination by decision of his prof Rudy Zerbi. Will new details emerge on the ‘New Year’s gate’?

Maria De Filippi to Friends (Credits Mediaset Infinity) VelvetGossip

While waiting to find out, there is news that has not gone unnoticed and which concerns the talent of Maria De Filippi. A very specific accusation, which one of the former faces of the program referred to the broadcast. Here’s what she noticed during a recent episode: she told it through a video shared on her social channels.

Maria De Filippi, a precise accusation arrives against the Amici program

A turbulent start to the year at Amici’s school. Something serious happened on New Year’s Eve and the students are still paying the consequences. Right in the middle of this chaos, however, a new accusation has arrived aimed at the longest-lived talent on TV. It was to launch it Luca Jurman, one of the former singing teachers of the Friends school. Through a video shared on social media, Jurman explained that he had noticed something strange during an episode.

“On January 11th I was live on Twitch and I was commenting on the episode of Friends on January 8th. There was the race to participate in the evening and during Federica’s performance I became suspicious for my sensitivity and listening experience”. Jurman explains that she noticed his voice was too tight and precise and that she had the doubt that the student was singing in playback. A doubt that, as he underlined, would prove to be well founded: “Unfortunately, I was right. In fact, after the live, I received the notification on Twitch that I had listened to a song distributed since the 10th, i.e. the day before, and it was the disk file that was on the market.”

These are the words of Luca Jurman, who underlines how it is not right to propose a song in playback for a competition that allows you to conquer the evening: “If someone is sick, it can be fine, but not for the competition for the evening, they could have declared it since there were judges to evaluate the performances and to decide who would go there”.

luca jurman friends
Luca Jurman on social media (Credits Instagram) Sologossip

A very specific accusation, that of Amici’s former professor, who does not seem to have liked what, according to him, would have happened during the singing performances. And you, what do you think?