Bad blow for Maria De Filippi: she didn’t expect anything like this

Bad blow for Maria De Filippi: she didn’t expect anything like this; what happened in the last few hours.

She is one of the absolute queens of our TV. Her broadcasts are among the most loved and followed ever: real fixed appointments for viewers. Let’s talk about her Maria DeFilippi, who with his programs has kept the Canale 5 audience company for years and years.

Maria De Filippi (Credits Mediaset Infinity) – Sologossip

From Men and Women to Friends, from Tu si que vales to You’ve Got Mail, programs that collect record ratings, those of Queen Mary. Which, however, in the last few hours, he has had to deal with an unfortunate unexpected event: something he didn’t expect. Here’s what happened.

Maria De Filippi, bad blow: this was not expected

Men and Women and Friends keep the public company throughout the television season, mind, with the end of Tu si que vales, There is mail for you on Saturday evening is about to arrive: the new edition will start, as usual, after Christmas holidays. Maria De Filippi confirms herself as the absolute protagonist of Mediaset’s schedules, but in the last few hours something hasn’t completely convinced Canale 5 viewers. Men and women...

As you may have noticed, in fact, the Canale 5 dating show it stopped for a few dayson the occasion of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. A decision that did not make the public crazy, who expected not to see Men and Women on the air on 8 December, but not the break on 9. Many did not like the choice to make the ‘bridge’ and, on social networks, the official page of the broadcast was flooded from criticism. A real social protest, the one that was unleashed under the post which, in fact, announced the return to the air on Monday 12 December 2022.

In particular, many have emphasized the fact that the episodes of the broadcast are recorded and not broadcast live: for this reason, according to some, there would have been no problem broadcasting today’s episode, Friday 9 December 2022. Here are some of the comments from not exactly happy viewers, who appeared on the official Instagram channel of Men and Women:

maria de filippi comments
Comments on Men and Women (Credits Instagram) – Sologossip

A protest which, however, does nothing but underline the love and passion with which the public follows this broadcast, which they can’t give up for too many days in a row. The events of the classic and over throne fascinate viewers more and more, who can’t wait to find out if, soon, new couples will form within the studio. Will the tronisti Lavinia, Federico and Fede have a happy ending with their choices? We can only hope to see a new rain of red petals at the study center soon!