Bad episode for Benedetta Rossi: she had to warn all the fans

Bad episode for Benedetta Rossi, she had to warn all fans of what happened.

Benedetta Rossi, a well-known food blogger who has become increasingly popular in recent years, has been the victim of a bad episode. How much success about her forced her to warn everyone who follows her on her instagram channel. Benedetta began to take her first steps in this area by doing tutorials on youtube in 2011.

Benedetta Rossi, episode (credits: youtube)

As reported on his website, he did not speak but explained the recipes only with his hands. She learned to cook just like this, as a child: “Since I was a child my aunts showed me the preparation of dishes, through their hands, without great explanations”. The foodblogger has been working in the family farm for more than 15 years. Once their farmhouse was renovated, she started posting videos almost for fun. The growth of the views that man man have become thousands then led to the registration of the Fattoincasadabenedetta site.

The success of the videos and her recipes meant that a program was created just for her. Today she is a well-known face of television and she has established herself as a foodblogger. The success achieved also led to the growth of the instagram channel, now followed by over 4 million followers. The protagonist of these hours is what happened on social networks. Benedetta had to warn all those who follow her.

Benedetta Rossi, bad episode for the foodblogger: she had to warn fans of what happened

His instagram channel is followed by over 4 million followers, Benedetta Rossi is very famous today. Also on social media he publishes many videos of the dishes he prepares, simple and easy to make. She began by recording the preparation of the recipes without speaking, explaining only through her hands, just like her aunts did when she was a child.

Later, given the number of views, it expanded more and more until the Fattinincasadabenedetta site was created. In 2011 she opened her Youtube channel, a few years later she published her first recipe book and in 2018 she arrived on television, with the conduction of the homemade program for you broadcast simultaneously on Food Network and Real Time . The foodblogger today is so much loved that she is very popular not only on the small screen but also on social networks. In the last few hours on his instagram channel he had to warn fans of what happened.

benedetta rossi episode
Benedetta, what happened (credits: instagram)

Benedetta was the victim of a scam. Her face was used by a site to advertise slimming products: “Benedetta Rossi who lost 12 kg shared her secret recipe with the whole internet “, bring the page back. At this point he immediately published the screen warning his millions of followers, inviting them to report these sites: “They are scammers and they are sites that open and close, we can not do anything, you report, report and report them when you see it “.