Bad episode for Cecchi Paone’s boyfriend: the decision

Bad episode for Cecchi Paone’s boyfriend: Simone Antolini’s drastic decision.

Her life has changed dramatically since the weekly Who published the couple shots with Alessandro Cecchi Paone. Since that time, Simone Antolini he had to deal with an avalanche of insults and insults.

Cecchi Paone and Simone (Credits Mediaset Play)

It was precisely the scientific popularizer who told La Repubblica about the difficult situation in which Simone finds himself at this moment. Situation that prompted him to take one drastic decision.

Alessandro Cecchi Paone, bad episode for boyfriend Simone: what he decided to do

“Simone found himself having to defend himself,” said Alessandro Cecchi Paone, explaining how his partner had to face the outbursts of the haters, following the stolen shots published by Chi. Interviewed by La Repubblica, the scientific popularizer said that, on Facebookthe young man received “homophobic and moralistic threats and insults” to the point of pushing him to close your account on the social platform.

A drastic decision, but not the only one. Guest with Alessandro Cecchi Paone at the Maurizio Costanzo Show last Friday, Simone said he had decided to get away from his family too, after the disclosure of the photos. Farming family living on a farm, where Simone worked as a food seller, before deciding to leave his country in the Marche region.

“An atmosphere was created in which my choice was to move away from a certain context in which I was not living as I should live. They forced me, I had to live in a climate in which I was practically not welcome “. Simone says that, before the news of his relationship, he was well liked by his customers, with whom he had an excellent relationship, but suddenly everything changed: “All of a sudden, following these photos, I began to be strongly criticized, especially from people close to the sphere of my parents and my family. Not living in a peaceful environment, I decided to distance myself, at least for the moment “. These are the words of Simone, who however left room for the hope that the situation, over time, could improve.

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Simone Antolini (Credits Mediaset Play)

Apart from these obstacles, the relationship between Alessandro and Simone is proceeding very well. The two met in Rimini in April, after the 23 year old followed Cecchi Paone on social media, driven by the similarity of his past. A meeting that went very well and that marked the beginning of their love story. This summer, the couple spent some time together and it was during a boat trip that the photographers of Chi paparazzi the newly engaged.