Bad episode for the ex of Canale 5: “I was going to die”, what happened

The former face of channel 5 told the bad episode in which she was the protagonist: “I was going to die”, what exactly happened to her.

A real bad episode, what happened to the former face of Canale 5 in the past few hours, which she herself could not help but tell her supporters. It is precisely through a series of IG stories uploaded to her social channel that the former beloved face of a Mediaset program told of being about to die.

Unfortunate incident. Credits: Instagram

“I was going to die. They were going to kill me “, it is with these words that the former face of Men and Women told what was happening to her in the past hours. And how the aftermath of this bad episode was really putting her life in jeopardy.

On social media, you know, it is customary to tell everything. And if just recently a former competitor of the GF revealed that she was becoming a mother for the second time, the former suitor of Men and Women could not help but reveal the very unpleasant accident she was the victim of.

Bad episode for the former face of Canale 5: he took a really big risk

Used to tell everything and share outbursts belonging to her private life, the former face of Canale 5 Chiara Rabbi absolutely could not help but explain to her supporters what happened to her a few hours earlier. “I was going to die”, he explained before even going into the discussion.

According to what we learn from her words, it would seem that Chiara Rabbi the other night spent an evening out with a friend of hers, choosing to go and eat in a vegan restaurant. Explained all the intolerances and allergies of her to those in charge, the former suitor of Men and Women made sure that she was brought a meal that respected her dietary needs, but apparently it was not like that at all. Although the Rabbi did not specify at all what she ate, she did not miss an opportunity to explain what happened to her. “I had stomach cramps”, he said, explaining that he still has a headache, a sore throat, a swollen belly and a bubbly tongue.

At the moment, as specified by the person concerned, it is not known what could have bothered her and caused this “too instantaneous and overbearing” reaction – even if she initially thought it was nickel – but on Monday she will obviously do all the necessary research. “I will do the allergy tests again also to understand the degree because yesterday there was a moment when I had a heavy anxiety”, he explained again to his followers.

bad episode channel 5
Chiara IG. Credits: instagram
bad episode channel 5
Chiara Rabbi on IG. Credits: Instagram

Chiara is certainly fine today, but we imagine that the fright she felt must have been really strong.