“Bad example, demotivating message”: Benedetta Rossi explains everything on social media

Benedetta Rossi explains everything on social media, the food blogger writes: “Bad example, demotivating message”, what did she know

She is certainly one of the successful food bloggers. First on YouTube and then land on the social platform which is Instagram, Benedetta Rossi garnered a huge following from its audience.

Benedetta Rossi, the social message (Credits: Instagram)

An audience that feels the beloved foodblogger like the friend next door. Solar, ironic and very sweet. She is always ready to dispense simple recipes and practical advice to improve everyone’s life in the kitchen and amaze everyone at the table. She has depopulated with her video recipes on her YouTube channel but it is from there that Benedetta Rossi and her husband and great shoulder in the work, Marco Gentili, have decided to expand and broaden their horizons. The landing on Instagram has further opened the doors to success for Benedetta and today she leads a television program of her all of her, Homemade for you. But Benedetta Rossi never ceases to amaze. The food blogger a few days ago wanted to tell about an initiative that she, together with her life partner, took some time ago and that today they are proud to tell. However, she wanted to make a clarification on social media: “Bad example and demotivating message“. What did she talk about?

Benedetta Rossi on social media: “Bad example, demotivating message”, what he wanted to let people know

It stands out on social media for its extreme simplicity. You interact often and willingly with your audience through quizzes and questionnaires on social networks but not only. A few days ago, Marco Gentili and Benedetta Rossi have published a video on YouTube a little different than usual. In the video shown, Benedetta does not have a stove as we would have expected. Well, sitting at a table, the couple wanted to explain and tell about the initiative taken some time ago and that today with pride, and maybe laughing a bit about the times when they were afraid of not succeeding, they carry on.

An initiative to be truly appreciated, because at the time when we all found ourselves having to deal with the world pandemic and tourism unfortunately suffered a serious stop, students who have just graduated in hotel institutes had the opportunity to collaborate and put on thanks to Benedetta Rossi and her husband a project with a culinary background, which sees the very young people involved in this sector. The project that the couple wanted to finance is called ‘Good idea‘.

Sui social, Benedetta Rossi wanted to explain that, rather than flaunt one’s wealth, what is considered “A bad example, a demotivating message“, He continued writing in these few lines the meaning of his message:

benedetta rossi social
Benedetta Rossi on social media (Credits: Instagram)

The intent is clear. It is to show that with the right commitment, passion and dedication it is possible to achieve great results.

And that despite the initial effort and the weight of the responsibilities deriving from the objective to be achieved, it is possible to obtain the desired results!