Bad news after 90 days to fall in love: the unimaginable happened after the wedding

Very bad news after the wedding 90 days to fall in love: after the wedding the unimaginable happened, no one would have said it.

All lovers of 90 days to fall in love they can’t help but remember them and know how their love story ended. Having met on Instagram, the two lovebirds have chosen to participate in the famous program of Real Tim. Both from two completely different countries, the couple met for the first time, deciding to get married after about 90 days. What happened?

90 days to fall in love. Credits: Youtube

There are many couples who have chosen to participate in 90 days to fall in love and to test their love. Equally numerous, however, are those couples who have made themselves known to the audience of the program and have completely captured their hearts. In addition to Juliana, whom we told you about recently, there is another couple that viewers have grown fond of and are curious to know what happened to them today. Let’s talk about them: Darcey and young Jesse! The two, as we said, met on Instagram and after some time they wanted to meet, but what do we know now about them. Are they still a couple or not? Unfortunately, there is one very bad news about. After the wedding, in fact, it would seem that the unimaginable really happened.

After the wedding in 90 days to fall in love the unimaginable happened: very bad news

Not all couples created within a TV show can last forever. Of course, there are those who are even married and have children, but not all of them manage to achieve this goal. This is confirmed by one of the most loved couples of 90 days to fall in love. No, we’re not talking about Avery and Omar – which we told you about in our very recent article – but Jesse and Darcey. Do you also remember them and now you are curious to know what happened to them today?

As we said previously, the two met on the famous social network and immediately showed that they have several things in common. Once, however, they met and married, it would seem that the love romance was over very soon. Jesse and Darcey, in fact, have often quarreled until they make the decision to separate. A very bad news, therefore, especially for their audience. Be very careful, though: it is by no means the only one! We were able to track down the very young Meester on Instagram and we discovered that his heart is busy again. Her name is Jennifer and she is gorgeous, here they are together:

bad news 90 days to fall in love
How are you today. Credits: Instagram

On Darcey, on the other hand, we have very little news. Her Instagram profile is confidential and we are not allowed to know big things about her. On the web, we read that she too had found love again, but that it ended shortly after.