Bad news for fans of Beautiful: the beloved actress leaves the soap after years

Bad news for fans of Beautiful: the beloved actress leaves the soap after years; farewell to the protagonist of the series.

Twists to no end a Beautiful. This is the great success of the soap opera, which for 35 years has kept millions of viewers glued to the TV all over the world. Even in Italy, where, in recent days, a real bomb has exploded!

Beautiful (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

The surprises, in the episodes of the soap currently aired in our country, are on the agenda, both as regards the story of Liam Spencer, and as regards the clandestine story between Quinn and Carter. Something really shocking will happen in the next episodes, but that’s not all. In fact, news arrives from America that will not please you very much. One of the absolute protagonists of the soap is ready to greet the set, or rather it has already done so. Between the American and Italian episodes, however, several months pass and, therefore, in Italy we will still see the actress on stage for several months. Let’s find out who it is.

Beautiful greets the beloved actress: that’s who is leaving the soap

Passionate about Beautiful, get ready for big returns! Soon, in the soap, we will see some of the most beloved characters in the history of the series on stage. Starting with Taylor Hayes, Ridge’s ex-wife and mother of Steffy and Thomas, ready to return to Los Angeles with many surprises. We will also meet the ruthless Sheila Carter, Deacon Sharpe and Bridget Forrester: each of them will be involved in incredible twists. For someone who comes back, though, someone will leave.

One of the absolute protagonists of recent years greeted the soap just a few weeks ago. Specifically, August 5 was the last day on the set of Beautiful for the actress, who was part of the cast of the soap for well 9 years. Who are we talking about? Of Rena Sofer, which since 2013 he has interpreted Quinn Fuller! In the Italian episodes, the woman is struggling with the renewal of her wedding vows with Eric, but she will have to do everything to keep the ‘escapade’ with Carter hidden. Will she succeed?

What we can tell you is that, before leaving the scene, Quinn will be involved in many twists. In Italy we will see Fuller on TV for several more months, while American viewers have already had to say goodbye to her beloved character. Will she return to the soap in the future? It wouldn’t be the first time an actress has walked away and returned to the set in years. At the moment, however, Sofer hears the need to do something newboth as an actress and as regards her second activity, dedicated to the world of ceramics.

beautiful actress
Quinn Fuller (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

A bad blow for all the fans of Beautiful, who were really fond of the legendary Quinn Fuller. We just have to wish Rena Sofer a big good luck for her new commitments!