Bad news for fans: the beloved showgirl will no longer be here! Sudden decision

Through her Instagram profile, the famous showgirl announced her drastic decision to fans: she left Italy!

The unexpected choice of a beloved face from the world of entertainment surprised his many fans. We haven’t seen her on TV for a few years, but in the programs she participated in, she was a huge success. Despite her absence from the small screen, she continues to be very popular on social media and is an established one influencer.

Showgirl unexpected revelation (Credits: Instagram)

She moved abroad with her husband and her daughter, still very young. “You heard me less during this time because I was moving,” she explained to her followers. She said she felt comfortable in the country where she lives now and that she had a very positive impression of the people and the food.

She does not rule out returning to Italy one day, but at the moment she preferred to follow her husband who is subject to travel often for work. This, in fact, is not the first change of residence for her: she lived with him in various parts of Italy, including Foggia, Ascoli Piceno and Benevento.

Moreover, currently there would be no job opportunities for her on our local TV: in the past she has expressed her willingness to participate in some broadcasts such as The Masked Singer or The Island of the Famous but so far none of this has happened.

She left Italy: the unexpected decision of the showgirl

To reveal this novelty in his life is Alessia Macariwho became famous with the role of Ciociara in the game show hosted by Paolo Bonolis Come on another one. To convince Sonia Bruganelli to enlist her in the Canale 5 broadcast was her particular accent between Ciociaria and English. Yes, because Alessia was born and raised for several years in Ireland by parents originally from southern Lazio. She returned to live in Italy, she enrolled in some beauty contests and managed to be elected Miss Beauty Queen International And Miss Valcomino in the world.

Such was the success achieved in Come on another onethat the splendid 28-year-old received the proposal to participate in the first edition of the GF Vip, then led by Ilary Blasi, also winning the victory. In 2018 Macari was a competitor of Such and Which Show, where he demonstrated appreciable singing skills. For a while she also worked on Sunday In with Mara Venier in the role of valetta.

The following year she got married with her current husband, the German footballer Oliver Kragl with whom he had the daughter Neveah, born a few months ago. During the months of her pregnancy, she also confessed to her fans an unexpected detail about her relationship with her husband. To follow her spouse, who returned to play in the Ried team, she went to live with him and the little girl in Austria.

showgirl decision
Showgirl drastic decision (Credits: Instagram)

Do you also hope to see Alessia on our screens again as soon as possible?