Bad news for Ficarra and Picone: they did not expect what happened

Bad news for Ficarra and Picone: the couple of actors would never have expected what happened, beyond belief.

They form one of the most loved couples on television, yet in the past few hours Ficarra and Picone they received one bad news. It is something sensational and that we are sure that no one ever and, above all, not even they would have ever imagined.

Ficarra and Picone. Credits: Instagram

Famous actors, conductors of Striscia la Notizie for 15 years, famous comedians and friends in life: Ficarra and Picone are more than loved by the Italian public. To confirm these words of ours, it was the incredible success that their TV series ‘Stuck’ found on Netflix. For the first time ever, in fact, the couple of actors was grappling with a TV series, yet the following was really crazy.

Ficarra and Picone, bad news for the couple of actors: no one would have said it

As well as Elisa Isoardi, too Ficarra and Picone they received one bad news, that they would never have imagined. What are we talking about?

In recent days, during the first evening of Canale 5, a film by Ficarra and Picone dating back to 2011 was broadcast. It is the ‘famous’ and loved ‘Even if it’s love you can’t see’, a romantic comedy protagonists not only the Sicilian couple of actors, but also many other extraordinary actors, including Ambra Angiolini.

According to what is learned from the auditel data, it would seem that the film by Ficarra and Picone has not impressed many. Although in reply, in fact, Lolita Lobosco’s investigations won the evening, obtaining about 16.56% share. The couple of actors, on the other hand, recorded about 11.9% share. A decidedly not bad result, but that did not pay off the evening. What did you follow?

What is Incastrati talking about?

As we said a little while ago, Incastrati’s success was really impressive, so much so that Ficarra and Picone have already provided for the second season. What, however, is this TV series about?

Incastrati is a crime and crime TV series that tells the story of Valentino and Salvo, two TV technicians who by a pure chance in life find themselves on the scene of a crime. So far so good, we could say. Very soon, however, the first complications begin to arise: Salvo, in fact, will discover that his wife has had close contact with the victim, who in turn is involved with the mafia. In the meantime, however, Valentino falls in love with Agata, his classmate at school and currently the head of the investigation.

In short, it is a TV series that offers twists, laughter and many moments of suspense. Unmissable, therefore, let’s face it!

ficarra picone bad news
Stuck 2. Credits: Instagram

We do not know when the new episodes will air, but from the photo shown above it would seem that Ficarra and Picone are ready to return to the air.