Bad news for Milly Carlucci: the announcement is a bolt from the blue

Bad news for Milly Carlucci: the announcement is a bolt from the blue; what happened to the famous presenter.

An unpleasant news, the one announced by Milly Carlucci through social media. News that will not please the viewers of Dancing with the Stars at all.

Milly Carlucci (Credits Youtube) – Sologossip

Of unexpected, during the Saturday evening broadcast of Rai Uno, there were several, but no one expected this. It was the landlady who told everything in a video published on the official page of the program dedicated to dance. Here’s what happened and how we’ll deal with the next installment.

Dancing with the stars, bad news: Milly Carlucci’s announcement arrives

Ready for the first final of dancing with the Stars? The appointment is for tomorrow evening, December 17, on Rai Uno. A very rich episode, in which, among other things, we will witness the famous repechage: one of the eliminated couples will be able to officially return to the game and compete for first place, like everyone else. Just a few hours after the episode, however, something really unpleasant happened.

“This program is really a great chapter novel and we don’t control the chapters, things happen”. This is the premise of Milly Carlucci, who finds herself forced to announce a new unexpected event: “Yesterday, during training, our beloved Gabriel Garko suffered an injury. This is a possibility that is always lurking for everyone and clearly he carries with him the consequences of another situation that make him a little more vulnerable” The presenter explains that, despite everything, the actor has no intention of giving up: “He is our hero who it never breaks down, truly Rocky Balboa. Last night he was texting me late at night “I’ll give it my all and I’ll make it”.

What will happen tomorrow night? Milly Carlucci explains that, after the repechage, there will be the first part of the final for the already qualified competitors, including Gabriel Garko, who will have to accumulate points for the last episode. “Gabriel will be on the track in the ways he can do it“, explains Carlucci, who adds that on Monday the actor will undergo a further consultation, which will clearly clarify his conditions and the extent of his injuries, in view of the final episode on December 23rd.

milly carlucci announcement bad news
The announcement of Milly Carlucci (Credits Instagram) – Sologossip

We will be there on Saturday and Gabriel will be there too, with all our support and all the love we can give them”, concludes Milly, making an appointment for her audience to see you tomorrow evening. We just have to wait to find out what will happen, who will be the eliminated couple who will be able to re-enter the competition and who will accumulate the most points in view of the final. Who among the pairs on the track deserves to get on the top step of the podium?