Bad scare for the singer-songwriter, she was rushed to hospital: how is she now

Nasty scare for the singer-songwriter, she was rushed to hospital: what happened and how is she now.

The singer-songwriter was rushed to hospital following a bad fall. For this reason she has canceled a stage of her tour but is ready to recover it as soon as possible. She suffered a head injury after a small accident. We learned about it through her social networks where her loved one also made it known about her current conditions.

The singer-songwriter hospitalized (credits: instagram)

Fortunately he is fine but he will obviously have to rest for a few days, away from efforts. The news immediately went around the web and in a short time everyone became aware of what happened. The bad inconvenience has alarmed thousands of fans.

Bad scare for the singer-songwriter, she was rushed to hospital: what happened and how is she

It was a bad accident, the singer fell and suffered a head injury. Paola Turci following the fall was immediately taken to hospital. Fortunately, nothing serious but he will have to rest a few days away from efforts and stress.

This is why he made it known that he had canceled a concert: “I’m sorry for the concert in Forlì but I will do everything to recover it, if possible “. The incident happened a couple of days ago, shortly after came the message from his wife, Francesca Pascalewho reported in an instagram post a photo in which they are together and in support wrote: “After a sudden scare the worst is over. Great soul. I love you”. The image was shared on August 28, so the incident happened shortly before or a few days earlier. Francesca’s message is clear, Paola is fine but the sudden fright was very strong. “The worst is over”, he writes, so the conditions of the singer are good and fortunately nothing serious has happened. The same artist then made it known on facebook what happened and how she is.

hospitalized singer-songwriter
Nasty scare singer-songwriter (credits: facebook)

I’m fine. It was a bad fall and I suffered a head injury. I’m in the hospital and will have some for a few days. I’m a bit ‘rimba and I can’t tell you but I will “, he wrote. Within a few hours, she received tons of messages, her fans, friends and relatives were worried about what happened. The singer, as she said herself, is fine. After the accident, she suffered a head injury, taken to hospital she will have it for a few days, she says. Unfortunately, she had to cancel the concert in Forlì but she is keen to clarify that she will do everything to recover it, if possible: “I embrace you slowly“, Concludes Paola.

Apparently it was a bad fall that caused a strong scare. Now the singer is fine and she is recovering slowly.