Bad situation for the Royal Family: health problems after Queen Elizabeth’s death

After the death of Queen Elizabeth, the Royal Family lives another bad situation: health problems, the unthinkable has happened.

It was exactly last September 8 when – after having communicated the health problems of Queen Elizabeth – the whole world knew of the death of the beloved English sovereign. After 70 years from the beginning of her reign, Elizabeth II left the reins of England in the hands of her son Charles of hers.

Royal Family. Credits: instagram

Since his death, everything has really happened: his eldest son has been crowned the new king of England, assuming the title of Charles III, and the Royal Family has once again reunited at Buckingam Palace in his honor. Even Harry and Meghan, in spite of what many believed and had said, have left their current residence to go to London and give their last farewell to the sovereign.

In these last hours, however, the English royal family has been the protagonist of another bad situation: one of the members of the Royal Family he was seized by some health problems.

Royal Family, bad situation after Queen Elizabeth’s death: what happened

Not only the death of Queen Elizabeth, which even now – almost 2 weeks after the event – leaves everyone upset, but also another bad situation hit the Royal Family. According to what is learned from the Daily Telegraph, it seems that one of the members of the English family was struck by a health problem a few days before the disappearance of the sovereign. And that, even now, she unfortunately she is suffering from it. A very unpleasant episode, the one that happened a few days before the queen’s death, which required a lot of rest. When, however, we are faced with such events, there is no ‘relaxation’ that holds.

It is Camilla Shand that we are talking about! From what we learn, in fact, it would seem that – a few days before the death of her mother-in-law – her queen consort fractured her toe and that the doctor imposed absolute rest on her. The death of the queen, the wake achieved and all the events in which she had to take part to be next to her Carlo of her, however, did not give her respite at all. And Camilla now, from what we learn, would seem to be quite in pain.

What title does Camilla have?

On the one hand, therefore, is her husband Charles, who took over the reins of the kingdom of England at the age of 73. On the other side, however, there is her: Camilla Parker Bowles. But what title did the King’s wife assume after the Queen’s death? On February 5th – therefore, a few months before her death – the English sovereign recognized her daughter-in-law as queen consort. And this is the title Camilla currently has.

royal family bad situation
Camilla. Credits: Instagram

‘Excluded’ from inheriting her jewels, Queen Elizabeth has taken steps to recognize Camilla as queen consort. And there are, however, those who ensure that the transition from this title to a real Queen is really minimal.