Bad weather, Calderone: “Single shock absorber for all, attention to subordinates, self-employed and agricultural workers”

The government’s emergency intervention in favor of work will provide, as already experienced with Covid, theto create a unique shock absorber which will allow companies to be able to ask a single question
according to a single typology and which therefore will concern companies in all sectors
: for each sector placed under protection there will therefore be a single method of requesting resources which will also speed up the presentation of documents as much as possible. And the Minister of Labour, Marina Calderone, to explain during a press conference in Bologna, the technical nature of the flood law dedicated to the protection of companies and workers.
A range of interventions that will protect both i subordinate workers, for which they will be paid

aid amounting to 620 million euros, both the autonomous ones, which will be able to count on support amounting to 200 million euros, and the

agricultural workers.

Two news envisaged by the legislative decree: in the audience of agricultural workers who will be able to benefit from the economic support, an audience that Calderone estimates at around 40,000 subjects, will also including those seasonal workers who have not been able to start the next activity in the fields, for example for fruit picking. For them, therefore, the coverage will be for a maximum of 90 days, also taking into account the past.

And among the beneficiaries of government intervention will also be admitted those workers, employed or self-employed, who, despite working outside areas affected by bad weather, still live in flooded areas and are unable to reach their place of work. The number of self-employed workers who would fall under the Legislative Decree could be around 100,000.

With this unique shock absorber we will manage the work emergency by covering the period from 1 May to 31 August”, explains Calderone again.
It will be up to INPS to manage all the procedures. ” We are working to define in a very short time the access forms for the cig applications which can be presented by the end of the month following that of the suspension of the activity. But we will not put any constraints on the timing: the terms of payment will in fact start from the moment INPS receives the questions by companies or professionals and the procedure we are working on must give us very fast times, as it is an emergency tool”, continues the minister

So the decree will manage the work emergency by covering the period from 1 May to 31 Augusthe reiterates, while as regards the payment of contributions, withholdings and other taxes, the government will have a deadline in November. How much to the ‘crater’ of the territories covered by the decree with which to map the areas subject to intervention Calderone explained how the borders will be dictated “by the ordinances of the civil protection integrated with those of the municipalities of the Marches and Tuscany affected by the flood”.

On the 2 billion of commitment launched by the government decree therefore, caround 900 million will be used to protect labour. “Our goal is to have fast tools to give immediate answers to those who need certainties. We cannot afford to lose a single company in E.Romagna or even in the Marche and Tuscany”, comments Calderone again. “It is a necessary first intervention, absolutely indispensable with a focus on work as such, subordinate and autonomous in the same way with an evaluation of the paths, tools and contents that will look to the next reconstruction because it is important to restart quickly with the right tools. In fact, we support all the actions in the most fluid way possible, with tools that can also be used in a period of reconstruction “, he concludes.