Bad weather doesn’t let go, more thunderstorms and below average temperatures: here’s where, weather map

A new cyclone from the North Atlantic is arriving across the Central-South

In Italy the bad weather does not let go. A new cyclone from the North Atlantic is arriving over the whole of Central-Southern Italy: it will bring rain, wind and even local snowfalls to the Apennines up to 1300-1500 metres.

Mattia Gussoni, meteorologist of the website, confirms that, after the passage of a first North Atlantic cyclone with lots of snow in the central-eastern Alps, tornadoes in the Po valley and anomalous cold over most of Italy, here comes the BIS.

A low pressure, descending from the British Isles, will cross the entire Tyrrhenian Sea today: rains and local thunderstorms are forecast from Tuscany to Campania, intense rains at times also in Sardinia and patchy also on the rest of the Center-South. It will be better in the North except for isolated accumulations, especially in the border Alps. The winds will continue to be protagonists from the western quadrants, with storms expected above all in Sardinia.

Sunday 16 April will seem like a Sunday in November in the South and on the Adriatic side: very cloudy conditions are expected with scattered rains in a thermal context that will be more reminiscent of the end of autumn than of late spring. In fact, it should be remembered that in recent years, in these days, we recorded temperatures widely above 20 degrees with peaks of 25°C: 2023 is giving us a decidedly cool and unstable month of April, a bit like before climate change, in the last century.

The new week will remain wounded by the two cyclones: from Monday the high pressure will rise again overwhelmingly over a large part of central-northern Europe, but a pressure gap will remain in the Mediterranean, a wound, a cold drop at high altitude which will cause frequent thunderstorms in Italy afternoon and still thickening in the South, at least until Wednesday.

The projection for the following days sees the descent of Finnish polar air towards the Balkans; if this descent should also involve Italy, we will have to postpone the appointment with the sun and the heat until after April 25th, otherwise we will already be able to bring out lighter clothes for the Liberation Bridge: at the moment, with a 70% probability , the Bridge period seems to promise improving weather everywhere and pleasant temperatures, but it’s all to be confirmed.

In summary, the month of April 2023, which gave us an Easter period typical of Christmas with snowfalls in the Alps and Apennines at 900 meters, then repeated in the last few days with the double cyclone also in the Ligurian-Lombard Apennines at hilly altitudes, seems continue cold and unstable at least until the beginning of the third decade, then we will reach a crossroads: will temperatures return to average with the period or will we be hit by the Finnish cold drop?

At the moment, as mentioned, the first path seems more probable, the one that leads to a mild celebration on April 25, to freedom from the cold, storms and autumn-style rain in the Center-South starting from next weekend 22-23. But the return of good weather could also mean a rapid approach to the beginning of the hot Italian summer: a year ago the heat and the heat began on May 10th and lasted uninterrupted for almost 5 months.


Saturday 15. In the north: it gets worse from the afternoon. In the middle: bad weather especially on the Tyrrhenian Sea. In the south: scattered locally intense showers.

Sunday 16. In the north: sunny. In the middle: unstable especially on the Adriatic with showers. In the south: bad weather.

Monday 17. In the north: some showers in the Alps. In the centre: disturbed variability. In the south: scattered rains but with clear spells.

Trend: unstable in the Centre-South at least until the middle of the new week.