Bad weather in Italy, with Attila the snow returns to the plains

The weather forecast until Wednesday 25 January

In the course of the week that has just begun bad weather won’t let go: Italy will still have to deal with rain, colder temperatures and even lots of snow. The large movements on a hemispherical scale are favoring the arrival of cold air currents descending from Northern Europe, almost without interruption, and this will still lead to possible snow surprises in many of our regions.

Antonio Sanò, director and founder of the website communicates that as of today Attila’s arctic saber will cause a new worsening of the weather: the cold currents entering from the Rhone Gate will favor the formation of a Cyclone capable of unleashing intense rainfall, also in the form of thunderstorms and violent gusts of wind. There will not only be heavy rains, but snow could also return, especially in the Center and North

Given the particularly low temperatures, it is legitimate to expect flakes locally on some areas of the plains, in particular those of Piedmont, Emilia Romagna and Lombardy (here rain mixed with snow in the plains); up to very low altitude instead on Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Some snow brought by the strong wind from the northern quadrants could make its appearance up to low hill altitudes on the Adriatic side of Marche and Abruzzo.

In the following days, as confirmed by the latest updates, a depressive circulation will continue to persist which will attract cold northeastern winds. In this context there will be rainfall on the central Adriatic regions, on the Major Islands and then on the Ionian sectors, with flakes up to hill altitudes. Elsewhere, however, more stable weather conditions with a slight increase in temperatures especially in the central hours of the day.

Subsequently, the latest updates suggest a new very cold phase due to the entry of a freezing air mass of arctic-continental origin which could reach our country from Russia. If this is confirmed, it is legitimate to expect a further drastic drop in temperatures which will fall below the reference climatic averages, especially in the Centre-North.

In detail

Monday 23. In the north: overcast skies, precipitation in all regions, snow up to flat altitudes. In the centre: widespread instability over most of the sectors, snow at hilly altitudes. In the South: more unstable on the coasts of Campania.

Tuesday 24. In the north: at times unstable in western Piedmont with snowfalls at hilly altitudes, also possible in Friuli. In the centre: rainfall in lower Lazio and eastern Sardinia, here with snow at 800-900 metres. In the South: always rather unstable in Sicily; sun elsewhere.

Wednesday 25. In the North: a little unstable in the Northwest, sunny elsewhere. In the Centre: widespread instability on the Adriatic coast and in Sardinia. In the south: bad weather in Puglia, Calabria and Ionian Sicily.

TREND: conditions of widespread instability persist in the Centre-South, with snowfalls on the hills. Instead, it improves in the North thanks to the reinforcement of the high pressure.