Bad weather in Italy with the cyclone Pulcinella, weather today and tomorrow

After almost three weeks dominated by subtropical high pressure, rain, wind and snow are on the way

After almost three weeks dominated by subtropical high pressure, cyclone Pulcinella arrives in Italy, bringing severe bad weather for the entire Carnival. From tomorrow, Thursday 8 February, we will therefore change to move into a fully autumnal phase with lots of rain and wind.

After the last rains recorded between 17 and 20 January, the subtropical anticyclone brought spring days with highs of up to 24-26 degrees in Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta (thanks to the Foehn winds) and widespread peaks of 25°C on the Major Islands recalls In all this anti-cyclonic context there was no shortage of fog in the Po Valley and strong temperature inversions, with warmer periods in the mountains than in the plains: the freezing point reached the altitude of 3500 meters on several occasions, typical value for the end of June.

Even today, Wednesday 7 February, the climate will be characterized by scattered sunny moments in a very variable context. In the centre-south the sun will accompany the day with highs of up to 23 degrees in Sicily, 20 degrees in Calabria, Sardinia and Puglia. With the cyclone ‘Pulcinella’, so named given the temporal coincidence of its action with the Carnival period, rain, wind and snow will arrive from tomorrow. The main wind will be the Scirocco so we expect temperatures to remain mild, with snow falling only in the Alps above 1500 metres; on the Apennines the snow will still be a mirage, unfortunately the rain will also fall on the highest peaks. However, the peak of the worsening is expected on Friday and, above all, over the weekend.

Today, Wednesday 7 February – In the north: low clouds; drizzle in Liguria and Friuli. In the center: cloudy on the Tyrrhenian Sea with possible drizzle, more stable on the Adriatic Sea. In the south: few clouds with highs still above the average for the period.

Tomorrow, Thursday 8 February – In the north: often overcast skies, light rain in the evening in the North West. In the centre: cloudy on the Tyrrhenian Sea with possible showers (but only in the morning), then all sunshine. In the south: sunny.

Friday 9 February – In the north: increasingly widespread rain. In the center: rain arriving in Tuscany and Umbria. In the south: sunny, a few more clouds in Campania.

Trend: weekend with cyclone Pulcinella and general bad weather.