Bad weather in Lombardy, flooded streams and evacuated houses in Sondrio and Varese (Video)

In Sondrio the Frodolfo torrent is overflowed, in Bormio the Adda river is overflowed

More bad weather in Lombardy, which has been plagued by heavy storms and torrential rains for two days. The red alert went off in the region today. In Sondrio the Frodolfo stream is overflowed, leading to the evacuation, as a precaution, of some homes. In Varese, on the other hand, the firefighters have registered dozens of requests for help and calls for flooding, uncovered roofs and fallen plants in the past few hours. Most of the critical issues are recorded in the south-eastern part of the province, several damages to building roofs have occurred in the Saronno area.

In the Municipality of Cavaria the Arnetta torrent is overflowing and the evacuation of some people is being evaluated. In Bormio, the overflowing of the Adda river caused several delays on the roads, while due to a landslide, the state road 470 of Val Brembana and Passo San Marco along the Valtellinese and Bergamo side was closed to traffic late yesterday evening. A landslide also hit the state road 36 of Lake Como and Dello Spluga, causing the closure of the Spluga pass on the Swiss side.