Bad weather in Tuscany, tornado on Torre del Lago: “Roofs uncovered”

Wind gusts of more than 100 kilometers per hour, flooding and roads blocked. Giani: “In Lucca some homes without electricity”

A tornado hit Torre del Lago, a hamlet in the municipality of Viareggio (Lucca), causing damage and inconvenience to traffic. Gusts of wind at more than 100 kilometers per hour swept through the town, causing some trees to fall and damaging some parked cars, as well as support structures for bars and clubs in the area. Firefighters and municipal police intervened on site.

“The strong disturbance is crossing Tuscany. Interventions underway for the tornado that hit Torre del Lago with rposted above 100km/h and roofs uncovered. Interventions also due to flooding, fallen trees and some blocked roads reported in various areas. In the Lucca area some homes without electricity. The disturbance is moving towards Valdarno and south-eastern Tuscany.” This is what the president of the Tuscany Region, Eugenio Giani, writes on Facebook.