Bad weather Italy, weekends with even heavy rains: here’s where, weather forecasts

Lots of rain and very little snow: this is what happens over the weekend

Two cyclones in four days with bad weather over Italy. “During the weekend, with the passage of the first cyclone, we will only have instability in the Center-South with lots of rain and very little snow, widespread bad weather is expected later on throughout Italy and a few more surprises – explain the experts of the website – ​​Let’s begin to see what will happen during the weekend: the first cyclone, in transit from West to South -East with a minimum pressure of about 1000 hPa, it will bring heavy rains towards the Center-South, in particular on Lower Lazio, Campania, Molise, Basilicata and Calabria. Saturday will also see a significant drop in temperature from north to south and local stormy winds in Sardinia”.

Mattia Gussoni, meteorologist of the website, therefore warns to pay attention once again to the intense showers of a late summer nature on the middle and lower Tyrrhenian side: after the very hot Summer 2022, the seas are still warm and provide energy for possible coastal storms. On Sunday the unstable flow will move towards the south, leaving sunny spells and dry moments also in the Centre; all in all, in the North we will have a decent weekend with only a few showers in the next few hours in Emilia Romagna and little else; noteworthy is the decrease in minimum temperatures in the Po Valley with weak local night frosts until Monday.

But where did the snow that fell in the Alps during the autumn months disappear? This is the question many are asking, well there are two answers: in recent months it has been too hot to have snowfall at medium altitudes and above all to prevent almost immediate melting; the second explanation lies in the movement of cyclones in the Mediterranean, too far south, with a Sardinia-Greece trajectory.

However, next week, these two impediments to the arrival of the classic snowfalls in the Alps could collapse: in other words, the second cyclone, which we expect between Monday evening and Tuesday, could bring polar air inside and follow a more northerly trajectory.

If the prediction of the second cyclone were 100% confirmed, think at the moment it is still in Canada and therefore could change its trajectory, very intense phenomena are expected: the weather for Tuesday 22 November, the day of Santa Cecilia patroness of music, staying on the subject musical, it would definitely be ‘allegretto’ or ‘vivacissimo’.

Winds of up to 90 km/h are expected on Tuesday 22 November with the cyclone deepening up to 990 hPa, 6-meter waves around Sardinia and storm surges in the Centre-South. But above all we expect 40-50 cm of snow in the Eastern Alps up to 1500 meters of altitude, with some flakes that could also reach the high hills (around 700 meters).

In addition to the snow in the Alps, storms could arrive in the Centre-North with accumulations of more than 80 mm in 24 hours. Peaks of 120 mm between Lazio and Campania are not excluded at the moment, regions plagued by bad weather on several occasions since the beginning of Autumn.

In summary we will have a weekend with lots of rain in the Center-South but very little snow, with the second cyclonic attempt on Tuesday 22 November, the situation could definitely change with a quick winter phase in the North.


Saturday 19. In the north: rain in Romagna, cold in the morning. In the middle: bad weather in Lazio, Molise and Sardinia, here also with strong winds; scattered rains elsewhere. South: bad weather especially in Campania, Basilicata and Puglia.

Sunday 20th. In the north: partly cloudy skies, cold in the morning. In the centre: variable with some isolated reverses on the Apennines. In the south: very unstable weather with even intense downpours. Strong Mistral winds.

Monday 21st. In the north: serene or partly cloudy, freezing places in the morning; gets worse in the evening in the North-West. Centre: partly cloudy. South: residual rains between Calabria and Sicily then meteorological truce.

Trend: intense cyclone on Tuesday with bad weather until Wednesday, then Azores anticyclone expanding towards the Mediterranean.