Bad weather, Pope Francis: “God give strength to the community of the Marche”

The Pope addressed the Angelus a thought to the Marche affected by the flood (PHOTO). “I pray for the deceased and for their families, for the wounded and for those who have suffered serious damage. May the Lord give strength to that community”, said Bergoglio. “I think of moments of personal, social, but also ecclesial crisis: at times we allow ourselves to be overcome by discouragement, or we fall into complaints and victimhood. Instead – Jesus says – one could also be shrewd according to the Gospel, be awake and attentive to discern reality, to be creative in order to seek good solutions, for ourselves and for others “, the Pontiff later said.

Prayer for peace

Pope Francis has not forgotten to talk about the wars that afflict the world, in particular a prayer for the Ukrainian land since last February devastated by the war (LIVEBLOG CONFLICT IN UKRAINE). “We continue to pray for the tormented Ukrainian people and for peace in every land bloodied by war”, the Pope said at the Angelus. “Let us not forget: peace is possible when the weapons are silent and dialogue begins”.

“Do not remain indifferent to Christian corruption”

“Even in today’s world there are stories of corruption like the one the Gospel tells us. Dishonest conduct, unfair policies, selfishness that dominate the choices of individuals and institutions, and many other obscure situations. But we Christians are not allowed to be discouraged. or, even worse, let it go, remain indifferent “Pope Francis added to the Angelus. “On the contrary, we are called to be creative in doing good, with the prudence and shrewdness of the Gospel, using the goods of this world – not only material ones, but all the gifts we have received from the Lord – not to enrich ourselves. , but to generate brotherly love and social friendship “, Bergoglio said.