Bad weather, storm in the Catanzaro area. Orange alert in Puglia

Mayor Catanzaro: “Night of anguish, unexpected water bomb, no alert”

Bad weather continues to lash Italy, especially the South. A violent storm hit the Catanzaro area. “Since yesterday evening heavy rains on the Ionian coast of Calabria, in the province of Catanzaro”, write the firefighters in a tweet who carried out “50 interventions. In Simeri Crichi a woman overwhelmed by the water in her home was saved. Reinforcements arrived from Cosenza , Reggio Calabria and Basilicata”.

“It was a night of great trepidation and great anguish. The water bomb that hit our city had not been foreseen by any weather report and had not been preceded by any warning”. So in a note the mayor of Catanzaro Nicola Fiorita. “As soon as the reports of flooding arrived – he explains – the municipal machine immediately started up and I want to thank the local police, the municipal managers, our workers, the municipal civil protection, the fire brigade, the police forces and all those who have done their utmost to provide assistance to the many motorists who have been stranded in the streets and to the many citizens who have suffered the flooding of their homes.The fury and speed of events did not allow us to help everyone immediately but only thanks to the speed of response have avoided worse troubles”.

“Right now – added the mayor – some companies called by the Municipality are providing for the safety of the area of ​​viale Crotone and the cleaning of debris and mud. In close liaison with the regional civil protection we are drawing up a plan of priority interventions – from Giovino to Runci passing through many other situations – which will allow us to restore normality in a timely, hopefully rapid manner”. “What happened, fortunately without dramatic consequences, demonstrates that the warning system does not work and the only way not to be caught unprepared by extreme and unpredictable events is through prevention, on which we have focused resources and energy in recent months. And in which, in the coming years, we want to invest in a constant and planned way. Already today we will ask that the state of natural disaster be recognized”, concluded Fiorita.

On the basis of the expected and ongoing phenomena, the civil protection has evaluated for today, Sunday 4 December, an orange alert on Puglia, a yellow alert on Calabria, sectors of Sicily, part of Lazio, Campania and Puglia.

Yesterday a storm hit Messina with roads invaded by mud and motorists in difficulty. The news was reported by the firefighters who intervened in particular in the area of ​​Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto and Milazzo. The rainfall, which began in the early afternoon of Saturday, required about one hundred and fifty interventions by the rescue teams. There have been, we read in the tweets of the firefighters, “several floods”, “people isolated at home” and cars ended up submerged by the water that invaded the streets. The mayor of Milazzo Giuseppe Midili invited citizens on Facebook to “remain in their homes and avoid getting out on the street”. An invitation, to stay at home, addressed to the citizens already hours ago with the weather alert notice, also on social media, also by the lawyer Pinuccio Calabrò, mayor of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto. Two landslides, caused by bad weather, temporarily halted road traffic on the 185 ‘di Sella Mandrazzi’ state road in both directions.