Bad weather today in Italy, trees on cars in Emilia Romagna. Strong gusts of wind in Tuscany

The level of the Po river has risen by almost 2 metres. Snowstorm in Sondrio. Storm surges and flooding in Marina di Pisa. Roofs uncovered and window frames torn off houses in the province of Campobasso in Molise. Two injured in a circus in the Republic of San Marino

Bad weather hits Italy. Hundreds of firefighters intervened in Emilia Romagna and Molise due to trees falling on cars. Strong gusts of wind and storm surges in Tuscany. Roofs of houses uncovered in Molise.

Emilia Romagna

Firefighters and Civil Protection at work in the province of Rimini due to bad weather. Almost all the interventions are for fallen trees, plants and branches: fortunately no injuries were reported, but many cars were destroyed. In the Bellariva area, in Rimini, the firefighters are working to restore the trolleybus line after the damage caused by a plane tree that collapsed on the cables. From 2.50pm on the Bologna-Rimini line, railway traffic, previously slowed down near Imola due to damage due to bad weather, returned to normal.

Due to strong gusts of wind, a tree fell on the road in Via delle Industrie in Ravenna. As the Municipality of Ravenna says in a post on Facebook, a car that arrived shortly after hit the trunk that was already on the ground. No injuries were reported. The State Police intervened to regulate traffic.


The level of the Po river has risen by almost 2 meters in the last 24 hours according to what emerges from monitoring by Coldiretti, under the pressure of the new wave of bad weather that hit the Peninsula with intense rainfall, after a long period of heat and drought.

The state road 36 ‘Del Lago di Como e dello Spluga’ is temporarily closed to traffic from km 140,600 to km 147,000, in Madesimo, in the province of Sondrio, due to a snowstorm. Anas announced this in a note, warning that the state road “will remain closed, for safety reasons, until the weather conditions improve”.


The wind lashes Tuscany, with gusts of up to 125km/h and strong storms on the coast with waves above 3 metres, 100km/h in Marina di Pisa and Castiglione d’Orcia, 70-80km/h on the plains. Some ferries to the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago have been cancelled. The locally intense rainfall, as the President of the Region Eugenio Giani says on social media, has led to an increase in river levels, some above the first level such as Magra, Ema, Lamone and Arno in Stia, but without criticality. Snow in Val di Luce and on the ridges of the Apennines.

With gusts of wind up to almost 100 km/h and waves 3/4 meters high have been lashing the Livorno seafront since this morning. Viale Italia was invaded by water between La Baracchina Bianca and Terrazza Mascagni. The avenue was therefore closed to traffic. The storm swept away the gabion of the Pancaldi bathing establishments, the best known in the city.

Widespread damage in Livorno due to wind with traffic lights and signs torn down. Numerous interventions by the firefighters due to fallen branches and flying tiles.

In Marina di Pisa, where this morning there were storm surges and gusts of 112km/h, sea water entered the streets causing flooding. Interventions underway for some trees fallen due to strong winds.


Bad weather is raging in Molise. Extremely strong gusts of wind last night in Bojano (CB) tore off the roofs of homes, tore down window frames, toppled trees and dragged cars. Rubble fell and road signs were knocked down. Several parked cars were damaged, some of them heavily. Damage also in Campobasso and Lower Molise. Numerous interventions by the firefighters.

Two injured in San Marino

Two people were injured in the collapse of a circus tent in the Republic of San Marino. According to what we understand, due to the very strong wind that hit the area during the night, two were trying to strengthen the anchors, but in the meantime a part of the awning fell, injuring them. The police intervened on the spot. Many interventions were also carried out in the area due to fallen trees and branches.