Bad weather, water bomb in Val di Fassa: “Firefighters and civil protection at work”

The work of the Fire Brigade with the personnel of the Trentino Civil Protection has been continuing uninterrupted since yesterday evening, following the water bomb that affected the area of ​​San Giovanni and Mazzin di Fassa and which caused the evacuation of hundreds of people. The operations are coordinated by the mayors of the two municipalities – in close liaison with the president of the autonomous province of Trento and the general manager of civil protection, forests and fauna, Raffaele De Col – with the inspector of the Fassa district union Alessandro Pellegrin, commanders of Pozza di Fassa Andrea Winterle, Vigo di Fassa Franco Pellegrin and Mazzin, Silvano Bernard, as well as the president of the Federation of Volunteer Firefighters of Trentino, Giancarlo Pederiva.

Precipitation in Val di Fassa began at around 5 pm starting from the Rio Udai basin. The peaks of greatest intensity were recorded between 18.30 and 19.30 with a maximum of 108 mm in Monzon di Pozza di Fassa (Meteonetwork station). In the other weather stations, 61 mm of rain was measured in Campitello Avisio and much less significant values ​​in the other monitoring stations.

The first appraisals allowed the civil protection technicians of the Autonomous Province of Trento to arrange for the return home of the first evacuees yesterday evening, removed from their homes as a precaution. There are more than forty people, almost all of the group that had been evacuated in the Pera di Fassa area due to an unstable boulder. Evaluations by geologists and inspections also conducted with firefighters’ drones have defined the situation in greater detail and to keep the measure only for the few residents (five people) of a house.