Bahamas, 10-year-old boy attacked by shark in resort pool

The ‘Shark Walk’ is one of the attractions of the resort

A 10-year-old boy was attacked by a shark in the Bahamas in a resort pool where it was possible to swim alongside sharks. Witnesses say they saw a “pool of blood” in the water after the boy, originally from Maryland in the United States, was attacked. He was taken to hospital and is in a stable condition and police have launched an investigation.

The attack occurred at the Atlantis Resort, an area made up of hotels, casinos and water parks overlooking Paradise Island, which also includes the ‘Shark Walk’ attraction, where the incident occurred. The attraction has been removed from the resort’s website for now.

“As soon as the boy dived in,” a witness told US media, “we saw the shark approaching him and then just a pool of blood.” The screaming child was reportedly taken to an emergency room on the island while other visitors immediately exited the pool.