Balanzoni, doctor no vax radiata: “I will appeal”

“I will evaluate the criminal relevance: they cannot tell me that mine is antiscience without showing me where the antiscience is”

“I will certainly do appeal “against the removal from the Medical Associationbecause “only a fool would not do it”, and “in parallel I will evaluate the criminal relevance of the provision“that” I still have to study myself well. “So at Adnkronos Salute Barbara Balanzoni, a doctor disqualified from Omceo in Venice for her positions on anti-Covid vaccines and home care for Sars-CoV-2 infection.

Regarding home care, “they they say I treated Covid without scientific evidence“, explains Balanzoni. In this regard,” I do not have a subordinate relationship with the Order so I have to notify him how I carry out my activity as a doctor “, says the doctor, specifying that”how I treat diseases is my business“. And” as an anesthetist, not a sorcerer or other strange things, I know drugs “, underlines Balanzoni who also refers to the” public thanks “received” on Twitter “from” healed people “, who “they could read too.” The doctor insists that “as I work as a doctor, I don’t have to notify anyone. Conversely, when they accuse me they don’t tell me what for. They have never entered into the merits, neither in the disputes nor in the provision “.

As for the positions against Covid vaccines, “they they say that I opposed the vaccination campaign, but I claim this and I will continue to oppose it as long as I have life“. Balanzoni assures that” I understand all the positions and I do not want to become followers, but the international literature is within everyone’s reach, it is not locked up “, and” there are official documents on deaths related to vaccines against Covid-19 “. And in this regard, adds the doctor, “in the provision I did not seem to see a comment on all the scientific evidence that I gave after the hearing on May 3. I brought an avalanche of documents that are not named “. In conclusion,” you have to dismiss the doctor for reasons relating to medical ethics: you cannot tell me that mine is antiscience – objected Balanzoni – and you cannot show me where it is antiscience “.