Bally joins the Cobat Consortium for the management of the end of life of textile products

Sustainability, circularity and reduced environmental impact: these are the objectives of Cobat Tessile shared by Bally, a luxury brand that has chosen to join the Consortium, joining the already numerous member producers. “Bally’s long-standing commitment to responsible business practices – says the Bally CEO Nicolas Girotto – has been at the heart of the company’s identity since its foundation in 1851. Today we are proud to join Cobat Tessile. We are convinced that an increasingly circular economy, respect for the environment and attention to the products we place on the market can really drive change”

Cobat Tessile is the consortium that is accompanying the complex and varied world of textiles in the imminent challenge of managing the end of life of fabrics and textile products, from collection to start-up to recycling. Born in March 2022, Cobat Tessile operates in the textile, sportswear, high fashion and accessories sector. The Consortium helps member companies to pursue sustainable development that brings benefits both to the environment and to the entire national economic systemreducing waste and investing in research and new technologies for the correct recovery of raw materials to be placed on the market.

“We welcomed Bally’s participation with enthusiasm – he says Michele Zilla, General Manager of Cobat Tessile – While waiting for the MASE, in line with the European Directives, to issue the decree that will soon regulate the activities of the sector, Cobat Tessile is at the side of the producers who, like Bally, demonstrate their willingness to act concretely for the management of the end of life of what is produced and become promoters, together with us, of innovative solutions devoted to the circular economy”

Extend the life cycle of the asset e transform it into new matter and/or energy, starting from a selective collection, able to increase the quantity and quality of the recovered materials. These are the ingredients of the green recipe at the base of the Consortium shared by Bally.

For Bally – explains in a note – “sustainability is a transformative and transversal mission based on the belief that collective action can drive change. In 2019, the Maison identified four pillars of sustainability on which to focus: transparency, quality , collaboration and progress Bally’s connection to nature and sustainability is also born thanks to its Alpine origins and its pioneering heritage since 1851. The same year Bally became a member of The Fashion Pact, committing to achieve, together with others adhering members, a common core of key environmental objectives in three areas: stop global warming, restore biodiversity and protect the oceans“.

Furthermore, the Bally Peak Outlook Foundation (BPOF), established in 2020, is committed to safeguarding fragile Alpine environments from the adverse effects of global warming and aims to raise public awareness of the issues threatening the future of these extreme landscapes, giving the empower local communities and trusted partners on the ground to promote positive and sustainable change.