Banca Mediolanum, net inflows of 1.25 billion euro in December, the total for the year was 8.3 billion

Total net inflows of €1.25 billion, (8.30 billion YTD) for Banca Mediolanum in December. These are the other data released today: Net inflows into asset management 710 million, (5.95 billion YTD). New loans disbursed 430 million, (4.01 billion YTD). Protection policy premiums 18 million, (184 million YTD).

“We close 2022 – says Massimo Doris, CEO of Banca Mediolanum – with an excellent month that saw net inflows of 1.25 billion, bringing the total for the year to 8.3 billion. It is undoubtedly a prestigious result which assumes a greater value in relation to the complex context in which it was achieved. Furthermore, on the asset management front we confirm our absolute leadership, almost 6 billion in funding, demonstrating our ability to be extremely competitive in the banking panorama”.

”Our model – he underlines – has been able to prove to be increasingly attractive, with 168,000 new customers who chose Banca Mediolanum in 2022 and with the network of over 6,000 Family Bankers growing by 5% over the year. The results of the other business lines are also absolutely solid, on the one hand with premiums on protection policies amounting to 18 million in the month and 184 million in the year, on the other in the disbursement of loans to households with new records of 430 million in the month and over 4 billion in the year, a source of great pride for me”. Doris concludes: “I therefore consider the year that has just ended a great success and with all the Family Bankers we are already working to replicate the goals and satisfactions of 2022 with the enthusiasm and determination that distinguish us”.