Banca Mediolanum, total net inflows of 695 million euro in November

The best November ever for Banca Mediolanum’s funding. The results for the month show commercial volumes of 1.09 billion euro, of which: – Total net inflows 695 million, 7.04 billion ytd – Net inflows into asset management 652 million, 5.24 billion ytd – New loans disbursed 383 million, 3.58 billion ytd – Protection premiums 16 million, 165 million ytd.

”I am extremely proud -says Massimo Doris, Banca Mediolanum’s managing director- of the record result of approximately 700 million in funding in November, a month that is characterized by huge tax deadlines. In fact, exceeding 7 billion since the beginning of the year allows us to appreciate the strength of Banca Mediolanum’s business model and the great work carried out during 2022 by the Family Bankers, whom I was finally able to meet again in person at a two-day convention just in early November. We are also witnessing the usual acceleration in asset management in the last part of the year, with flows in the month of 652 million, 5.24 billion since the beginning of the year, always characterized by a high quality mix and a strong component of recurring funding’ ‘. Doris concludes: ”Finally, the support to our customers continues with disbursements of mortgages and loans for 383 million, 3.58 billion since January – slightly higher than last year, and through personal protection policies, with 16 million in the month and 165 year to date. A month to remember also for the acquisition of 15,500 new customers”.