Banco Bpm: profits of over 1 billion in 2024 in the new plan

A net profit of 1.05 billion of Euro in 2024, with an annual growth of 33.4%. And of 740 million in 2023. E net income of 4.6 billion at the end of the period and solid levels of capitalization, with a Cet1 at 14.4%. These are some of the objectives of the new business plan of the Banco Bpm group, approved today by the board of directors. The bank’s capital position and the generation of capital will make it possible to ensure a remuneration for shareholders with a 40% dividend payout over the plan period.Ambitious but achievable goals“, he defined them Giuseppe Castagna, managing director of the bank. And appreciated by the market. The Banco Bpm stock in Piazza Affari marked a jump of 5.03% to € 2.90, winning the pink jersey of the Ftse Mib.

The industrial plan of the institute identifies three pillars for growth in the next three years: a new “digital-driven” business model, with remote transactions and sales that will rise above 90% and 50% respectively in 2024, a growth in volumes and profitability of the core business, based “on digitalization , distinctive skills, franchise value, added value of our specialized factories “, and the full implementation of the product factories, represented by Anima, Agos and bancassurance.

Plan presented by the bank it does not envisage mergers or aggregations with other institutions. “We wanted to remind the market that this bank can be worth a lot stand alone“, Castagna said, responding to those who asked him about a possible interest from Unicredit.”If someone buys us, we don’t make barricades. But if anyone wants to buy us, he will have to pay us the right price“In any case, he added, a third banking hub” serves the country and the growth of the economy “.

But Bpm will not be starring with Mps. The Sienese bank “has very important dimensions. The negotiation with Unicredit has shown the large restructuring costs still to be completed. We did not feel like entering into an operation so complicated both in terms of size and asset”. Too small and with too many problems, however, Banca Carige. The acquisition of the Genoese institute would be “a very small operation that would require too much time and energy. It would not change much for us”, also because “we in Liguria are already the second bank”.