BANii tells the weight of their choices in The Kiss: the video

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I am BANiiI’m a singer-songwriter from Vicenza and what I present here today is my latest single The Kiss. The song was born as a diary page to process my feelings at a certain moment in my life and was subsequently adorned with notions and melodies that I listened to, assimilated and contemplated in the following months. The central theme of the song is to feel the “weight” of one’s actions upon oneself and to be rendered weak and powerless by it. Some time before writing this piece I had in fact listened to a lecture by the spiritual guru Guru Jagat, who spoke of the metaphysical quality of a woman to energetically “download” the information of the people with whom she becomes intimate and to then keep it in this “arc ” which is located precisely at the height of the chest. I liked the idea of ​​describing the sensation like this, as a download of the person’s energy and the weight it meant to carry. I also wanted to be able to honor the profound sensitivity that comes with being a woman. We often want to show ourselves to the world as robots and we tend to hide our emotions and what scares us. Instead, I like to be blatantly vulnerable. I find the process of putting yourself out there really important and necessary in order to truly love yourself and be able to heal your heart, regardless of your gender or gender. Art and music are also used for this, to be able to identify and completely immerse oneself in something, even if it sometimes means accepting aspects that one wanted to ignore and deny up to that moment.

The Kiss is the second song to mark my collaboration with Time Bomb Music for the artistic production and Sorry Mom! for distribution. Production and mixing are the product of the impeccable work of Roberto Visentin, who was able to listen to me and give value to my voice and my ideas. In fact, I can say that I feel the song completely mine and faithful to what was in my head: it is a poignant piece and at the same time tender, honest and with the ability to get into your head and never come out again!

Even the video of The Kiss it exceeded my every expectation. The project was born from the collaboration with the Bassanese director Luca Piludu, whom I had been following on social networks for a while and for whom I have great respect. Our vision was decidedly similar: we wanted something that was above all beautiful from every point of view, but that could at the same time accompany and complement the yearning and sweetly vulnerable nature of the song itself. The project was immediately nourished by the passion of both and thanks to Luca’s talent, the help of Thomas Basso and a pinch of luck, the official video clip of The Kiss was born. We are extremely proud of the result and can’t wait to share it with the world. Special thanks again go to Ale Vigo of Time Bomb Music and Sorry Mom!, without whom I wouldn’t be here to talk to you now.