Banks, Salvini: “Ok with extra profit withdrawal, it will be 40%”

The minister: “Revenues for first home loans and tax cuts. Standard of social equity”

Green light from the CDM to the “levy on the extra profits of the banks, limited to 2023“. The measure, brought to the CDM by Economy Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti, was illustrated at a press conference by Deputy Prime Minister and Infrastructure Minister Matteo Salvini. “The proceeds will go to help with first home loans and tax cuts“, explained the leader of the League, defining the measure a” norm of social equity”. “We are not talking about a few million but – Salvini underlined – we can hypothesize a few billion”.

The increase in interest rates by the European Central Bank “has led to an increase in the cost of money for households and businesses” while “there has not been an equally diligent, fast and significant increase for consumers. Therefore, in this gap, there will be a 40% withdrawal from the multibillion-dollar extra profits of the banks“, he said again illustrating the law passed by the CDM.