Bannon arrested, Trisulti Harnwell’s ex: “Political act, 50% Americans with him”

The founder of the Dignitatis Humanae Institute: “Outrage to Congress? Half of the United States despises Congress for what it did during Trump’s presidency”

“Let us immediately clarify that the arrest of Steve Bannon is not linked to the events that took place on Capitol Hill but to his ‘disobedience’ before the convening of the commission that investigates what happened that January 6. Trump has ordered his aides not to cooperate with this commission. Precisely for this reason Steve, in obedience to Donald Trump, did not appear before the commission ”. This was said to Adnkronos by Benjamin Harnwell, right-hand man of the sovereign Steve Bannon and founder of the Dignitatis Humanae Institute, which had obtained the concession of the Certosa di Trisulti, commenting on the arrest of Donald Trump’s former adviser Steve Bannon.

” In the United States, a president has the discretion to collaborate or not with these committees and this discretion, which in English is called ‘executive privilege’, can also be applied to his collaborators. The problem is that there is not a lot of jurisprudence, and the lawyers on both sides hold different positions. Current president Biden, on the other hand, says discretion will not apply on this matter. In this regard, the former Trump chief of staff, Mark Meadows, who also refused to appear before the commission, said that the issue of discretion will be decided by the Court, therefore not by President Biden. Steve’s ‘disobedience’ must therefore be understood as an act of obedience to President Trump. ”

” As for the accusation of contempt of Congress, or to put it better in Italian ‘contempt of Congress’, I recall that this institution is responsible during Trump’s mandate for having wasted two whole legislative years on an investigation of a non-existent collaboration with the Russia during the 2016 election campaign and then on an impeachment for a perfectly regular phone call with another head of state. We have seen this colossal abuse of office by Congress around the world. ”

” They arrest Steve – concludes Harnwell – for contempt of Congress but half of the United States despises Congress for what it did during the Trump presidency, for having obstructed its legislative agenda with unfounded accusations. The summoning before the congress and the consequences of not obeying, hence the arrest of Steve Bannon, are a political act rather than a legal one. Half of the American people, precisely because of the evident political and persecutory nature of these acts, will strongly side with Steve for his loyalty to Donald Trump, because they know that this loyalty is made not only for Trump but also for them ”.