Barazzutti: “Sinner had a great week but in the final he was empty”

“He confirms his great progress, and now watch out for Davis: we have to win her. Musetti? As a top ATP”

“This was a great week for Sinner, he played a great tournament, four extraordinary matches, played really well, demonstrating his great progress, his maturity and this great ability to withstand five days of pressure and above all to play tennis without break, extremely consistent, of the highest quality, a tennis that is the tennis of great champions”. Corrado Barazzutti says this to Adnkronos, following Jannik Sinner’s ride to the final of the Turin tournament, interrupted by Novak Djokovic’s seventh seal on the tournament.

“A great result, this final, which rewards Jannik’s ability to play well at the highest level, something he had already shown before this Masters: now he has confirmed all the progress he is making day after day.” But we must not hide, he underlines that in the final Sinner “did not play well at all, what I saw yesterday Jannik seemed a little empty, a little drained, his tennis was not effective, his shots were not penetrating, they weren’t incisive, so there were moments when Djokovic played in the middle of the court and didn’t move and made Jannik move, his shots didn’t hurt, there weren’t the usual angles that he normally takes. And then it was very foul, yesterday he made a lot of mistakes but despite this in the second set he continued to have chances to recover, because Djokovic had moments in which he also made mistakes. But in fact yesterday Jannik was drained, both of mental and physical energy “.

‘Now watch out for Davis, with this team we have to win it. Musetti? Top 10 if not more

Barazzutti also criticizes the round robin formula, as opposed to the generality of direct elimination: “it was penalizing for Sinner, it brought a player he had already beaten back into the race. But those are the rules. Should they be overcome? I don’t know, but in any case it’s was against Sinner”. Did Sinner have to make the ‘biscuit’? “No, absolutely, there are no cookies to be made, they shouldn’t be made, but it is clear that the round robin can present you with situations like the one Sinner encountered, it also happened in Germany where Sampras had lost to Becker and then he beat him in the final: it’s the regulation, but in this case he penalized Sinner.”

Now watch out for Davis, and “this time we have to win it, we have a squad and it’s a shame for Berrettini’s absence but now we have a group, a great group”. With also Musetti in addition to Sinner, Arnaldi, Sonego and Bolelli: Barazzutti has just joined Lorenzo’s staff: “he is growing, and I hope he grows even more, he has very high potential, I see him in the top 10 if not even higher. He’s young, he’s 21 years old, he can climb a lot, I hope to give him a hand, to make an important contribution.”