Barbagallo (Uilp): “Green pass for pensions? The problem for the elderly is downloading it”

The mandatory green pass in post offices to collect the pension poses a problem “not of principle, but of the effective possibility of showing it” for many of the older pensioners who may have difficulty downloading and printing the certificate. This is underlined by the general secretary of Uil Pensionati, Carmelo Barbagallo, in conversation with Adnkronos on the new rules in force for collecting the pension in post offices where the basic green pass will be required. “Most of the elderly have the green pass and even with three doses, the problem is knowing how to use it, a problem that is closely connected with digital literacy; the majority of the elderly (and not only) do not have it. acknowledged; in Italy it is a general problem “, explains the leader of Uilp.

“The question – says Barbagallo – is to see if seniors actually have the possibility of being able to show the green pass, which must be done by downloading it on the mobile phone or having it on paper. It is not a problem of principle but of actual possibility; until there will be certainty that they are able to show it, we must ensure that pensioners can still withdraw their pensions otherwise it becomes a social problem “, he warns.

Digital training is a question on which Uilp has been insisting for some time in the awareness that older age groups have difficulties in this field: “we asked everyone – he says – including the Regions to develop digital literacy programs. . I was thinking of an initiative along the lines of the Rai program ‘It is never too late’ which from 1960 until ’68 contributed to the literacy of Italy “with maestro Alberto Manzi.