Barbara D’Urso, it’s not quite what she expected: bad news

Barbara D’Urso is not quite what she expected: bad news for the presenter.

With the arrival of September, the programs that we usually see on the air throughout the year also start. Now very little is missing at the beginning of the new edition of Big Brother Vip. The date is September 19th. Alfonso Signorini did not reveal the names of the competitors who will cross the red door. This year he wants to play on the surprise effect.

Barbara D’Urso, news (credits. Youtube)

Giovanni Ciacci, Wilma Goich and Pamela Prati are confirmed at the moment. On September 18, Amici begins with the twenty-second edition of the talent show which, this year, sees the presence of two new professors, Arisa for singing and Emanuel Lo for dancing. In the meantime, however, some broadcasts have already begun in the first week. Serena Bortone made her debut with Today is another day, Alberto Matano with Live Life, Federica Panicucci with Afternoon Cinque and also Barbara D’Urso is back on television with her Afternoon Five program.

In the last few hours, just in reference to the presenter of Afternoon Five, a not-so-positive news has arrived. Barbara after the summer holidays is ready to surprise us again. For months there was talk of her farewell to Mediaset but it was she who denied the news. Here, but what happened in the last few hours?

Barbara D’Urso is not quite what she expected: bad news, what happened

Barbara D’Urso after the summer holidays is back with the Afternoon Five program. In recent months she has often been at the center of the news in reference to her possible farewell to Mediaset. The presenter in a previous interview with La Stampa denied these rumors, confirming months ago that she will remain ‘also next year’.

I try to explain it in a nice way, there are people obsessed with me and this obsession can lead them to commission things to write that are not true “, had reported the presenter. Apparently she remains at Mediaset again this year. In addition, news has been circulating about possible new projects for her. At the moment no confirmation has arrived. Barbara is now back at the helm of Afternoon Five. But apparently, precisely in reference to the broadcast of the program, not very positive news has arrived. What’s going on?

barbara d'urso news
Afternoon Five, news (credits. Youtube)

The format was beaten in terms of ratings by Alberto Matano with Live Life, a program that started the same day. The ratings in this case refer to Thursday 8 September, the date of the death of Queen Elizabeth. Matano dealt with the issue of the death of the sovereign in a broad way and kept over 2 million viewers glued to the television, equal to 24.27% share. Afternoon five was therefore overtaken by the broadcast of Rai Uno and reached one and a half million spectators equal to 20.21% share. Numbers which, however, are not bad at all.