Barbara D’Urso, the social outburst: “Soon early afternoon 5 without me”

In a long post, the presenter retraces her last 15 years on air on Mediaset, then interrupted by the ‘changing of the guard’ wanted by Pier Silvio Berlusconi

“In a few days, the 16th edition of Afternoon 5 will start, the first without me”. In a lengthy Instagram post, Barbara D’Urso retraces her last 15 years on air on Mediaset interrupted by the ‘changing of the guard’ wanted by Pier Silvio Berlusconiwho replaced the presenter with the new entrant Myrta Merlino.

“I created and cared for that program with love for 15 years and it is a source of pride for me that a program born, raised and identified with me, goes on keeping the same name – continues ‘Carmelita’, who recalls -. It was 1 September back in 2008 when Claudio Brachino and I, then director of Videonews, first invented Mattino5 and then Afternoon5, as well as Domenica5. It was an extraordinary adventure, which allowed me to carry on social battles, to interview all the political leaders up to the last electoral campaign, to inform you and keep you company during the dark months of the pandemic”.

With dedication and abnegation – D’Urso explains again – I was at the complete service of the company for 15 years, following their indications up to the last episode of this year, without ever skipping a single appointment. Whatever happened in my life, I was there, faithful above all to the commitment, for me inviolable, that I assumed with you. We did all this with a very small budget, which has been my strength in the company since the beginning of this extraordinary adventure, aiming for maximum performance with minimum cost. It wasn’t always easy but Pomeriggio5 was my home and I made the sacrifices with a smile – he says -, even when we were forced to go on the air without an audience, from the production center which was a cathedral in the desert during the lockdowns, and then continue like this for two and a half years”.

It’s still: “I came to attention when I was given a much smaller studio shared with the news, and not only, which forced me to record the last two blocks quickly in the very little time available before the live broadcastin order to be able to leave the studio on time at Studio Aperto at 18.25. Yet another limitation in the duration, which in the last two seasons has been reduced to the bone (for reasons still unknown to me today). In the last two years we have been forced to leave half an hour later than in previous seasons and after a soap that left us with a 9/10% tow”.

Despite this – he explains -, I guaranteed, together with the wonderful team that accompanied me until June 2nd, a very high audience (seasonal average 16%, with peaks above 20%) and we were ready to start again with the new season, as I was strongly requested. Now the keys to that house have been given to Mirta, to whom I wish her all the best. Pomeriggio5 will finally return to having a large studio with a live audience, who will also be able to interact live. The duration will be increased, half an hour more starting well before the competitor, and a more favorable position in the schedule will be guaranteed, with excellent driving force, as befits a program, by now historic, well run and successful, as is right that it is and as it would have been right to do in previous seasons as well. All this can only be good for the ratings and for Pomeriggio5, one of the television creatures I’m most proud of. The only thing I regret, as you know, is not being able to greet my audience after 15 years together. But I know you understand that it was not up to me. See you soon! #Colcuore”, the greeting of ‘Carmelita’.

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