Barbara Palombelli with the cameras off: what the presenter of Forum does, the particular background appears

Barbara Palombelli is a very popular presenter, but hardly anyone knows what she does with the cameras off: the unedited statement arrives.

Journalist, TV and radio presenter, Barbara Palombelli boasts of a long career, especially is known as the face of Forums for excellence. In the format they compete family disputes and more, in which they discuss and face debates between actors who do not play fictitious parts, but concrete cases of current importance. Many of the issues addressed in the program allow the audience at home to find themselves in the speeches and issues covered, but it is when the cameras go off that the presenter shows a new side of herself.

Barbara Palombelli, (Credits: @vanityfairitalia)- Sologossip

Composed, so much as to be all in one piece. With a calm attitude it immerses itself in the cases treated live, and continues to be a fixed appointment for viewers who appreciate its format. This is what it demonstrates in professional life: the face of a presenter serious and in a way. But there is something else behind such controlled behavior. Barbara Palombelli it’s not just for how it is shown on TV, there is much more behind it, privacy. Here’s what comes out of the confession.

Barbara Palombelli and the truth behind the cameras

To tell something new is one of his pupils, Paul Ciavarro at the interview of Turquoise, column broadcast on Radio Cusano Campus. He talks about the events that completely changed his life. A lot of things have changed since he met Clizia Incorvaia. To be convict was the Big Brother Vip 4, so much so that the Godfather of the little one Gabriel, eldest son of the couple, it was their own Alfonso Signorini.

During the interview, but he tells how important his experience is to Forums, saying this is more than a program, but a second house. In fact, see in the figure of Barbara Palombelli something more than just a point of reference, and this is where the unpublished news comes out.

Barbara Palombelli truth and background
Barbara Palombelli, (Credits: @vanityfairitalia)- Sologossip


This confession reveals a very important aspect of Barbara Palombelli, and that certainly does not leak from television. Despite the big and many commitments handled by this woman, she always has of the time to devote to this young man who grew up on bread and Forum.