Barbaro: “The reform law introduced the principle that the state must take care of sport”

“The reform had the great merit of introducing a different way of thinking: it is the state that is central to sport through its articulations, as is the case in all countries of the world. Now we must continue on this path “. These are the words of Claudio Barbaro, senator of Fd’I and President of Asi, Italian Sports and Social Associations, one of the main sports promotion bodies, at Adnkronos, talking about sport reform. Barbaro was also the speaker of the delegation law that reformed Italian sport.

“School, plant engineering, regions, municipalities and provinces are fundamental for the development of sport in our country. To date, however, this reform, which is not yet complete and, although a sort of stalemate is being created for the effective definition of sport in our country, the sprouts of this way of thinking are beginning to bear fruit. Eg, the latest budget gave a clear signal regarding the development of sport at school level with the introduction of sport in primary school “, continued Barbaro.

“In this sense, the decision of Undersecretary Valentina Vezzali to have pushed in this direction must be acknowledged.” Asked for an opinion on Vezzali’s work, Barbaro stressed that “Despite coming from agnostic sport, he had an approach that we have rarely had over the years from other ministers: that sport should leave the classic consideration of performance to become a heritage of the whole country. I must say that Vezzali had this great ability to understand that the state should not be limited only to the rules and financing of sport “.

Ministry yes, Ministry no? For 70 years, when it came to ministry, cones and federations stood on end. But now even within the Coni we have begun to talk about the ministry with a document asking for its introduction. However, the question remains whether he did it because he wants to eliminate Sport and Health from the scene or because he is actually convinced. AND

, Anyway the ministry must absolutely be with the wallet “
, added the senator of Fdi and President of ASI, Italian Sports and Social Associations, to the Adnkronos, on the ministry of sport. “The undersecretary is working well, he could easily become minister of sport. Vezzali could certainly fill the role”, Barbaro replied. “Certainly the presence of several functions in the same sector could create some bureaucratic complications, but these are issues on the undersecretary’s table. The positive fact is that Vezzali has been produced in acts such as inclusion of sport in school, arguments that obey the inspiring ratio of the reform law. I say that if a good morning starts in the morning, we are starting to think correctly “.