Barbenheimer really becomes a movie (a B-movie to be released at Christmas)

No, it’s not a joke: the movie barbenheimermash-up of Barbie And Oppenheimerit’s really in development.
So the social phenomenon born in the United States at the time of the simultaneous release of the two films of the summer, the two blockbusters Barbie And Oppenheimer in fact, it will itself become a film that hybridises the two worlds, the pink one of Gerwig and the gloomy one of Nolan.
Many viewers have watched both films, one after the other, documenting everything online, with the inevitable hashtag #Barbenheimer. In truth, at the beginning it was more about the rivalry between the two films, referring to the fight in cinema that it was believed that the two titles would have to face, between who would have preferred to watch one and who instead the other. But one of the greatest alliances in cinema was born from this rivalry, the one whereby the success of each film also involved the initial “rival”, effectively making him an ally and ensuring that both films benefited from it.
But back to the movie barbenheimerwhat will it be about? It will be a crazy comedy of dolls fed up with their lives who will build an atomic bomb…
The mission is: to bring down the patriarchy once and for all.
The film promises comedy, drama, action and science fiction. It is produced by Full Moon Features, a company known for mass production of low, very low budget B-movies.
Certainly this film will already have a lot of merchandising on its side, given that Barbenheimer-themed gadgets, T-shirts and various accessories have been sold for some time.
Production will begin next month, aiming for a very close release: there is even talk of Christmas 2023.
The director and screenwriter have not yet been revealed, while the first promotional images also arrived with the announcement of the film (which you can watch at the bottom of this article).

A “crazy comedy”

According to the website Jobloa “crazy comedy” titled barbenheimer would be in pre-production at Full Moon Features, an infamous film studio specializing in B-movies.
With the announcement, also came the first promotional images and a synopsis in the film. He will tell of dolls fed up with their lives who build an atomic bomb.
“Deep in Dollsville, a group of jaded female dolls – led by the brilliant Dr. Barbenheimer – build an atomic bomb. Their mission? To bring down the patriarchy once and for all! But as the battle of the sexes heats up, Barbenheimer and her beauties are in danger of blowing up more than expected Comedy, drama, action and Armageddon explode in Full Moon’s newest whimsical fantasy film, BARBENHEIMER!” reads the official synopsis of the film.

A film that “appears to be little more than a low-budget mockbuster”

The American Magazine ScreenRant is very skeptical and perplexed about this project.
“While Barbie by Greta Gerwig e Oppenheimer Christopher Nolan’s films are both critically and commercially successful films that will be serious nominees in Oscar season, Full Moon Features’ mash-up film will be a far cry from that.
The project comes from one of the best-known B-movie studios in existence and “appears to be little more than a mockbusters low-budget intended to capitalize on the Internet phenomenon linked to the two blockbusters,” he adds ScreenRant. The film is scheduled for release this Christmas, available in the US on the Full Moon streaming service.

No news related to writers and directors

It is unknown who is writing or directing the film. We only know that Full Moon founder Charles Band is the producer.

The studio, founded in 1989, has been behind direct-to-video series such as Puppet Masters, Trancers And Subspecies. Some of their recent releases include Subspecies V: Blood Rise And Demonic Toys: Jack Attackalso there are AIMEE: The Visitor And Bad CGI Gator arriving.

“The parody film is unlikely to recapture what it made Barbie And Oppenheimer an exciting cinematic event”, underline su ScreenRant. In fact, on the net there are those who say they are distraught by the fact that such a particular and heartfelt event as the simultaneous release of the two films which took place last July 21st is now so “pauperized” and reduced to a sort of “speck”. It would have been much more interesting, for example, to make a documentary to explain the unique event, that circumstance whereby two highly anticipated films were released on the same day, a news that initially was not at all taken well by Christopher Nolan. And instead that simultaneous release was the key to an unprecedented success.

Barbenheimer, how this trend came about

In the United States, the Barbenheimer trend exploded as soon as it became known that Barbie by Greta Gerwig e Oppenheimer by Christopher Nolan would have been released on the same day, July 21, 2023. Since then the network has been teeming with memes and the crasis between the two titles was born, so distant in tone, colors, stories and themes. The big difference between Barbiea fantastic comedy by Greta Gerwig about the Barbie fashion doll, and Oppenheimera biographical drama and epic by Christopher Nolan about physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, scientific director of the Manhattan Project, which developed the first nuclear weapons during World War II, has caused a comical reaction from internet users.

Polygon described the two films as “opposite extremes”, while variety called the phenomenon “the film event of the year”.

If at the beginning the simultaneous exit was perceived as negative, then it turned out to be a winner

The simultaneous release of the films was initially perceived as something negative. At first Barbenheimer was referring to a certain rivalry, a “Beatles or Rolling Stones?” war, but as the release date approached, Barbenheimer became a global phenomenon that prompted viewers to watch all and two films on the same day.

But how come two films so important for the cinema market were released on the same day in the United States? The Web site The Insider argues that Warner Bros.’s decision to release Barbie on the same release date already decided a long time ago by Christopher Nolan for his masterpiecein mid-July, may have been revenge against Nolan for leaving Warner Bros. In 2020, in the midst of a pandemic (which as we all know has hit the film industry enormously) Warner Media, then parent company of Warner Bros Pictures, announced it would release all 17 of its 2021 films exclusively on the HBO Max streaming platform. Insomnia of 2002.

In a statement a The Hollywood Reporter, Nolan said, “Some of our industry’s biggest directors and biggest stars have fallen asleep the night before thinking they worked for the best movie studio and woke up to find they work for the worst streaming service.” He also said that Warner Bros.”[non capisce] not even what they are losing” and that the “decision [non ha] economic sense.” As Warner Bros. well knows (since it produced them all from Insomnia, so over twenty years ago), Christopher Nolan films have always been released in mid-July. The only exceptions were Interstellar (released in early November 2014 and distributed by Paramount Pictures in the United States and Canada, and by Warner Bros. internationally) and keeper (delayed from the original release date of July 17, 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic). But choose as the release date of Barbie just mid-July, on the exact same date as Oppenheimerit would seem to many Nolan fans certainly not a coincidence but rather a trip.

Christopher Nolan seemed quite annoyed (and worried) about the simultaneous exit

Nolan was said to be angered by Warner Bros.’s decision to plan Barbie on the same release date as Oppenheimer. However when a reporter of The Insider asked him if his breakup with Warner was to blame for the release date of Barbie matching his own, Nolan laughed and said he didn’t feel like answering the question. However, you added that cinemas today have a billboard crowded with different films. It is now “a crowded market with many different films […]and we who love cinema are enthusiastic about it”.

Barbenheimer began as a phenomenon to joke about the seemingly infinite and irreconcilable differences between the two titles. Yet soon there are those who have noticed that the two films in the end have some similarities. For example, both explore the theoretical notion of the Anthropocene. Then they both have an Oscar-nominated director, a mega-star cast. And, last but not least, they’re produced by a husband-and-wife production company (LuckyChap Entertainment for Barbie and Syncopy Inc. for Oppenheimer). In short, the coincidences are many. And now that this film featuring the film trend of the summer is coming out, the coincidences will increase even more.

So many stars have helped make Barbenheimer even more popular

This phenomenon has exploded on the net, however having had prestigious testimonials has helped to make it even stronger. Let’s talk about names like Quentin Tarantino and Tom Cruise: the famous pulp filmmaker and the famous action actor have in fact celebrated the Barbenheimer ritual, going to watch both films.

The Barbenheimer was not only a phenomenon of manners but was also the protagonist of the success of both films at the box office. The record results recorded by the films owe much to the hybridization fever of the two blockbusters. Also because there are many spectators who went to the cinema to watch one of the two films first, and then also watched the other (therefore driven by the “colleague”). Who knows instead this film entitled Barbenheimer which other film will drive in theaters? In reality it only comes out in streaming, one more reason to be less suited to what Barbenheimer really means… Christopher Nolan certainly won’t approve, given that the reason why he quit Warner Bros. is precisely for streaming instead of the room.

Below is the promotional image from the film Barbenheimer, shared from the Instagram account at the production house, Full Moon Features.