Barbie, Margot Robbie reveals what she thought when she read the script

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Announced over a year ago, the film Barbie it immediately became one of the most anticipated of 2023. A powerful reaction from the public, which has not been so enthusiastic for many years for a film of this kind. The release of the first promo has exponentially increased the hype around the film, which promises to be the seasonal, if not annual, event. There are still several months before we can appreciate the film in our cinemas but the excellent marketing strategy is doing its job best. Also for this reason, today, the doubts seem incredible That Margot Robbiewho in the film plays the role of the protagonist, he admitted he had on the script of the screenplay.

Margot Robbie’s doubts about the script of Barbie

Could anyone, faced with the enthusiasm that animates the actress’ fans but, in general, a hard core of enthusiasts, ever think that Margot Robbie was convinced that this film would never be made? Yet, as revealed by herself, this was hers first thought after reading the script: “The first time I read the script of Barbie I thought it was so good and Hollywood wouldn’t let us make this kind of movie. But in the end they did.” Words of extreme sincerity entrusted to the microphones of the Bafta, which, if possible, make the wait for the theatrical release even more exciting. Obviously, the journalists present tried to throw her off balance and to get more information on the script and the plot but Margot Robbie, careful not to let one more word slip than she was authorized to say about the film, did not dragged: “I can’t reveal any more details about the script”. Margot Robbie’s words join those of Ryan Gosling, who bluntly stated that the Barbie script is the best he’s ever read.

Margot Robbie’s diet for Barbie

Such a beautiful film, as described by its protagonists, can only have been equally challenging for them. It proves it the strict diet that Margot Robbie he had to hold on for the entire duration of filming in order not to move from the ideal weight that was required for the interpretation of that role. How did she succeed? In an interview released in the United Kingdom, he admitted that he had reduced the intake of carbohydrates to a minimum and completely canceled that of sweets: renunciations that do not seem so excessive, especially if inserted in a balanced food context which, however, seem to be it was worth it for the success of the film.