Barbie mode: Thalía raised the temperature in a pink minidress

Thalia He is already 51 years old and is in his prime. A few days ago she released her new song called ‘Psycho B**ch’ and it has already exceeded 900,000 views on YouTube alone. The Mexican song is emerging as a new anthem of pop music and promises to be a trend this summer.

“We took over Time Square,” he wrote. Thalia along with several photographs in New York. The song was co-written by herself and produced by Jonas Jurström and Victor Thell. Once, the lyrics of the interpreter of ‘I don’t remember’ speak of women’s liberation and break cultural barriers.

In the last hours, the actress also shared in her official account of Instagram, with more than 20 million followers, the look she wore for the interview with Karla Díaz on her show ‘Pinky Promise TV’. There she was questioned about all the essential things that she keeps in her handbag.

Thalia looks splendid as always. Source: Instagram @thalia

“Honey, you have to have your light and you have to have your tripod wherever you go” he confessed Thalia and recommended to his fans to always carry a small lamp to take pictures. The Mexican wore a beautiful pink minidress with details of tulle and whales on the corset to mark her abdomen.

Thalia posed in a pink minidress. Source: Instagram @thalia

“LA VIE EN ROSE. TRES PSYCHO BITCH LOOK” he wrote Thalia in the post where he showed the look and garnered more than 120,000 likes and 1,500 comments. “You looked Percecta! As always!”, “How beautiful you are. I thank God for your presence, your music and your love. What you are full of is reflected in your face” and “I love how you look in that dressoooooo” were some of them.