Barbie, searches for Birkenstock sandals increased by +110% with the release of the film

The phenomenon is there for all to see: i Birkenstock sandals they are everywhere, on the feet of women and men, in summer and in winter, in such demand as to make it difficult even to imagine an increase in their popularity.

But Barbie by Greta Gerwig, the miracle film that brought millions of spectators to theaters in less than a week all over the world, has also succeeded in this feat: to push even further up the user searches on the net of the iconic German footwear. Confirmation comes from Lyst, the online shopping platform which is also a useful tool for monitoring consumer preferences. The searches for Arizona model Birkenstocks are increased by +110 percent since the film debuted in theaters.

Barbiecultural and commercial phenomenon

Everything is cool and desirable in the cinematic universe of Barbie by Gerwig, even the German buckled sandals that have been mistreated yet bought relentlessly every season, even more so since appearing on the big screen in the Warner Bros. blockbuster.
Birkenstock sandals, presented as the key to accessing the world of humans to the Barbie/Margot Robbie doll – a symbol of comfort unacceptable for her who is used to living in heels – they are now more desired than ever, especially in the classic Arizona model.
Lyst released the figure less than a week after the release of Barbie in theaters (in Italy it debuted on July 20, in the States on July 21) underlining the cultural impact and the commercial aspect of Gerwig’s film that is overwhelming the global audience with its pink wave.
The German brand responds online with the promotion of all the pink models available in the catalog because, as we know, this is the color of the moment.

The pink Birkenstock sandals in the film: where to find them

The costume designer of Barbie specified that the inclusion of Birkenstock sandals in the film script is a gimmick by Gerwig which, in the end, gave rise to a cult scene of the film.
Specifically, Kate McKinnon, the Weird Barbie, invites Barbie/Margot Robbie to have a human experience by proposing her to choose between German sandals and a more inviting heeled shoe, a sequence that is identical to that of matrix (1999) with Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) who forces Neo, the protagonist, to choose between red pill and the blue one.
Apart from funny and paradoxical findings, the slipper sandals, which had been proposed in an unattractive brown shade, reappear in another scene of the film, this time pink and more in keeping with the style of the Mattel doll. This variant of the Arizona is also on the market and it is a version in blush pink suede whose online cost varies from one hundred to one hundred and thirty euros depending on the materials of composition. Those who love pink still have a wide choice of Birkenstock models available: in rubber, with vinyl buckles, with fur or closed on the front (the classic Boston model).
Lyst it has become quite important both for users, especially the fashionistas who want to buy the products of the moment, and for brands that take into great consideration the half-yearly and annual reports that report the preferences of users who shop online. In 2021 there were over two million people who bought online at least once.