Basilicata, example of sustainability: the project of the 27 municipalities of the Region

An example of civilization aiming to spread across Europe

It starts from Noon an initiative that aims to spread throughout Europe and of which the Basilicata will be the protagonist. This is ‘Ricas Italia’, the regional project that aims to promote the culture of sustainability, solidarity and cooperation.

The project, conceived by the journalist Biagio Maimone and the “Gal – La Cittadella del Sapere”, sees the 27 Municipalities of the Southern Area of Basilicata, the Pollino National Park, the Lucanian Apennines National Park Val d’Agri Lagonegrese and Maratea committed to combating the climate and environmental crisiswhich will feature Nicola Timpone and Francesca Lovatelli Caetani.


The mayor of MarateaDaniele Stoppelli, clarified that the city, candidate “Italian Capital of Culture 2026”, will participate in the implementation of the project which “is among the initiatives that aim to give impetus to a new way of spreading the culture of the territories and the culture of sustainability, against degradation and poverty”.

The initiative looks to the future and aims to consolidate itself in Europe as a model in which a network of municipalities can become advocates of a sustainable system as an example for large countries.

The purpose of the project

“The primary intent of the project is the establishment of the Network of Municipalities and Regions for environmental protection, culture, cooperation and solidarity between citizens, against poverty and pollution of the planet. The help of the President of the Basilicata Region Vito Bardi will also be requested. The aforementioned project, which can be defined as an eco-social project, conceived by the journalist Biagio Maimone already in 2016, has recently been updated, as it has been seen that it has the requirements to be proposed to the European Union in order to give impetus to a new way of creating culture in favor of sustainability, against degradation and poverty”, we read in the presentation note.

Care of the territories, culture of sustainability, green soul: this is the strategy of the Network which aims to generate social and moral progress. The involvement will also see citizens as an active and responsible part of the control of private individuals, as recipient stakeholders, to ensure that environmental criteria are respected and the means necessary to avoid pollution are used.