Basketball, 34 BrianzAcque dispensers for the #Rispettiamoci campaign at Palameda

On the occasion of the final of the Fipic Italian Super Cup (Italian Wheelchair Basketball Federation), played the day before yesterday, the water dispensers at the PalaMeda in Meda were officially inaugurated. Briantea84, in fact, has developed the “#Rispettiamoci” project with the patronage of the Municipality of Meda as part of the tender promoted by BrianzAcque with the ever more heartfelt desire to increase its social responsibility towards the territory in which it operates. BrianzAcque makes it known with a note.

The sports facility in Meda, home to the activities of the wheelchair basketball sector of Serie A and Youth of Briantea84, has already promoted for a few weeks the use of three water distribution systems, accessible to all sports clubs, institutions and schools that use the PalaMeda. The symbolic ceremony was attended by Enrico Boerci (President of BrianzAcque), Gilberto Celletti (Vice President Brianzacque), Luca Santambrogio (Mayor of Meda), Stefania Tagliabue (Councilor for Sport and Youth Policies of Meda), Martina Cambiaghi (Delegate Coni Monza and Brianza) , Alfredo Marson (President of Briantea84) and Francesco Santorelli (UnipolSai Briantea84 Cantù athlete).

Briantea84 wants to undertake a process of progressive abatement of the use of plastic inside the PalaMeda, implementing a series of actions aimed at sensitizing all its users to the responsible use of a precious commodity such as water.

Enrico Boerci (President and CEO BrianzAcque) – “I am happy and proud to“ team up ”with the Briantea84 team, with the schools and other companies that use this building to promote together a new green course of the water and sport tandem. Through the dispensers we offer athletes and the public the opportunity to drink good, safe and controlled water at zero cost with almost no environmental impact, so as to make sport more and more plastic free and to put in place those small actions, capable of doing the difference for the protection and health of our planet “.

Luca Santambrogio (Mayor of Meda) – “A new important initiative by BrianzAcque in the area, three additional dispensers that will offer good and safe water free of charge to Palameda visitors, also underlining the commitment of sport for an increasingly plastic-free world. And an applause to the super champions of Briantea84 who promoted the #Rispettiamoci initiative that the Municipality of Meda strongly supports for greater awareness of the importance of responsible use of water “

Alfredo Marson (president of Briantea84) – “What awaits us is a long and ambitious path that we trust will be completed with new pieces and reach an ever wider audience, season after season. The problem of plastic is now on the agenda in all government agendas and each of us should start taking his step. We are sure that, in our small way, this road can lead to a brighter future for our children and grandchildren. The main goal will be to make this project a resource for the entire Medese community and we are proud that the municipal administration has decided to support us from day one “.