Bassetti: “11 people under investigation for crimes against me, long live justice”

“For crimes of group stalking and instigation to commit a crime”

“Finally, with great joy, I learn that today the notice of closure of the investigations has been served, with which 11 people are under investigation for the crimes of group stalking and incitement to crime perpetrated against me by novax in 2021. Long live justice”. Matteo Bassetti, director of the infectious disease clinic at the San Martino polyclinic in Genoa, tweeted it.

“How many times – says Bassetti – have I received anonymous phone calls in the middle of the night and someone has insulted me and threatened me. How many times have I felt fragile, alone and under attack… but today is a great day!”.

The crimes for which 11 people were indicted date back to 2021. “In December 2021, searches were carried out at the homes of these gentlemen and ladies and today we are ever closer to the trial. It was the end of August 2021 – the infectious disease specialist vents – when my private mobile phone number was published on the well-known no-vax Telegram channel, ‘Enough dictatorship’ and, from that moment, my days and nights have never been the same. I thank the Public Prosecutor of Genoa for the “profuse commitment and all the staff of the Digos of the Genoa Police Headquarters for the perseverance shown in the investigations. Another piece is added on the road to justice”.

On Facebook, Bassetti dwells on the covid-Sanremo theme. “On Tuesday, with the start of the Sanremo Festival, the end of the Italian era of the Covid-19 rules will rightly be sanctioned worldwide. let everyone take an example. Everyone! It will be yet another demonstration, even for all those who have not made them and attacked them, that without vaccines we will not have gotten there, “he says.

“It will be a festival like any other until 2020, also thanks to the work of doctors and nurses – remarked Bassetti – who have worked flat out in the last three years to win this war against Covid. How I found it exaggerated to celebrate like heroes and sci-fi some doctors, bringing them to the front row in the 2020 edition (when everything was yet to begin), today I find it a mistake that of the many who will be in Sanremo there will not be those who made this return to the normality of the past possible. These strangers…”